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Jennifer Garner looks breath-taking in this designer red dress at an awards event.

Jennifer Garner Expresses Frustration Over Her Parents Continued Movement Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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The Coronavirus outbreak in the world has caused a lot of panic from members of society. People in some parts of the world have now been forced to stay at home and keep away from large gatherings, which is almost impossible, especially for workers. Some celebrities have also openly revealed that they tested positive to the virus and this just makes it worse for everyone.

The authorities in different countries have appealed to citizens to always keep their hands clean and self-isolate, to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

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A photo showing Jennifer Garner captured on camera speaking during a talk show and she looks beautiful.
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Although everyone has been taking precautions since the virus outbreak, Jennifer Garner's parent do not seem like they want to obey the rules of self-isolation. The actress recently revealed in an online show that she is feeling frustrated because her parents have refused to stop moving around. Speaking with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, she mentioned that her parents, William and Patricia are the hard ones.

Garner knows for a fact that the virus is more fatal in aged people and that is why she insists that her parents stay at home.

A photo showing the incredible Jennifer Garner dressed in a black dress with a shiny scarf tied on her waist to form a bow.
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Also speaking about quarantining, Garner revealed to Fallon that her three kids have been nothing short of awesome since the experience began. She went on to say that she is lucky that they are at the age where they can listen to what she says and work towards getting positive results.

Since the quarantine season began, many workers have had to stay at home and work on whatever projects they have going. Garner is one of the people who has been working from home as she mentioned to Jimmy Fallon via the video call.

A picture showing Jennifer Garner giving her fans an autograph and she accompanies this gesture with a bold smile on her face.
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One of the projects she is working on with Amy Adams, involves saving children and she recently began an online campaign called #SaveWithStories The campaign involves getting celebrities to read online stories and donates sums of money to hungry children who have to stay at home due to the outbreak.

The second project which she opened up about, has to do with kids also and she tagged it #JenLookAtMe

The campaign is geared towards encouraging kids with any form of talent, to share their work online for others to see.

Jennifer Garner looks incredible as she speaks into a small microphone during an event.
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As a mode of inspiration, Garner showed Fallon her version of art when she brought out her saxophone which she named "Sally the sexy saxophone." She also went on to play "Happy Birthday" on the instrument and it was fun to watch.

Children with all sorts of talent can use this avenue to stay busy and engaged during this quarantine period. This is definitely a smart move by Jennifer Garner and a lot of kids in America will be grateful for this opportunity.

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