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Joy-Anna and the Duggars on an early TV appearance

Joy-Anna Duggar Fans Worried For Her Health

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By danyellmarshall

A Duggar pregnancy is often the topic of a lot of fan buzz. The massive family makes headlines each time a new baby is on the way. Joy-Anna Duggar is no exception. She and her husband Austin Forsyth announced to fans via Instagram that they're currently expecting a little girl in August. While many are happy for the couple and their good news, some are worried that Joy-Anna hasn't had enough time to heal since her last pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

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Gideon's Complicated Birth

The Duggar's behind the scenes at an early TV apperance
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Many fans are aware that the Duggar family are supporters of home birth and midwifery. When Joy-Anna went into labor with her first child Gideon she did not go to the hospital as many women would. She instead called her birth team to her home where she intended to deliver Gideon. She labored hard for 20 hours before her midwife discovered that Gideon was breech. The decision was made to move Joy-Anna to the hospital where she had an emergency situation.

A Tragic Loss

Baby Joy-Anna on a shopping trip with her parents
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Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth happily announced that they were expecting a second child in 2019. Joy-Anna struggled so much in her labor with her first child Giddeon that fans were hoping she'd have a much easier time with her second child. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards for Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth. At 20 weeks Joy-Anna and Austin lost their baby girl Annabelle. The couple were very open about their family tragedy and shared their emotions with fans.

The Happy Annoucement

The Duggars in TImes Square
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Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth thrilled their fans when they took to Instagram to announce some big news. 9 months after they lost their daughter Annabell the couple are expecting another little girl due in August. Fans were thrilled for Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth when they made their announcement. After such a difficult miscarriage fans are absolutely thrilled to hear that Joy-Anna and Austin will have another chance to bring a beautiful baby into the world. It's great news for sure.

Fans Are Concerned

Joy-Anna with the Duggar family during an early TV apperance
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Many fans are worried about Joy-Anna's health. Less than a year has passed since the heartbreaking loss of baby Annabell. Some worry that Joy-Anna hasn't had enough time to heal. Others are concerned about the rumors that the Duggar's skip prenatal care. One Redditor commented: “I hope to hell and back she does the right thing and seeks a REAL medical professional,”. Due to how hard Joy-Anna labored with Gideon and her recent loss fans just want to be sure she's safe.

Joy-Anna's Statements

The DUggars in front of their Arkansas home
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Joy-Anna spoke up about her medical care in a YouTube video posted shortly after her announcement. She said she had been spotting heavily and went to her doctor where she got some hard news. There was a chance the pregnancy wasn't viable: “It’s been a very difficult few weeks,” she said, “We’re doing the genetic testing next week and hopefully by 10 weeks we’ll know if this is a viable pregnancy". Thankfully it's all good news and the baby is healthy.

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