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No Warm Hugs For Meghan Markle From The Royal Family

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By Rima Pundir

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to step back from the Royal Family and most of their royal duties has not gone down well with the royal family, despite the outward acceptance, smiles and the stiff upper lip. But when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently met up with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, well, it made for a very awkward public meet and one that has got the tongues wagging even more, with Markle being subjected to a cold shoulder.

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Harry & Meghan Are Emotional For Now

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The recent trip that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made to the UK, to attend the last of their designated public appearances before they stepped down on March 31 was supposed to be a farewell tour. Despite the bright smiles that Prince Harry and Meghan wore during the various events, in which Meghan was dressed as immaculately as ever, it was clear that the gaiety might have been a bit forced. The duo was emotional with Meghan getting rather teary-eyed while bidding farewell to her staff.

But All They Got Was A Cold Wave

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But there seem to be cold vibes between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Kate barely looked at Meghan and Harry, during the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey held on March 15, 2020. There is a video of what seems to be Harry and Meghan sharing a rather knowing look, and a smile, over what could be the rather cold and too-poised behavior of the Royals in public. The brothers seemed a bit stilted in their conversation too while Kate barely glanced Meghan and Harry's direction.

Their Farewell Tour Was A Bit Icy

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It is being speculated that perhaps Kate Middleton is taking this the hardest, because when Prince Harry was a bachelor; William, Kate, and Harry made quite a dashing trio, and the three were pretty close. With Meghan entering the picture, things changed for all, but with Harry and Meghan planning to put it all behind them, Kate is feeling the loss. That said, Meghan Markle did find it very odd that there were no greeting or farewell hugs from the Royal Family.

Meghan Is Thankful For Meghxit

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Instead of the Royals' cold attitude making them second-guess themselves, Meghan and Harry are actually thankful that they made the decision to step back and give baby Archie the best possible home to grow up in. They want their home to be full of love, hugs, and kisses and feel that the stiffness of the Royal Family is no way to bring up children. It seems that Harry has taken after his mother, the beautiful if rebellious Princess Diana, for wanting a home filled with joy.

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