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Prison Inmates Respond To The News Of Coronavirus

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By kenadijiba

Oddly enough, wouldn't lock up in a maximum security prison be the safest place to avoid Coronavirus? Well, from initial scrutiny one would think that prison should beat living in the “real” world when global panic ensues. But, the downfall of this is similarly linked to what it's like existing in a very small town. When other cities around the town are being affected at ridiculous rates some feel a lot more secure in deserted like areas. The problem arises when this virus finally enters that compact zone.

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The Perfect Storm

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Population density is a perfect storm for Coronavirus. This is why NYC is in a bustle to put into place firm rules and regulations that will minimize human contact. To imagine in this day and age that New Yorkers would have to self isolate is insane. So, this is kind of related to how prison inmates will have to possibly take on Coronavirus. Streaming back to the small town analogy, prisoners are more likely to be immune from the virus, as long as nobody brings it in.



Those who could cause a pandemic within the cold stone prison walls, are the guards. The fact that they have communication along with physical contact with civilians on the outside is fear inducing for the community they are paid to manage. If just one person gets it, and spreads it among one of the prisoners, then we’re in for a bumpy ride. There has to be an even higher focus on maintaining personal hygiene, and possibly wearing some type of effective glove while handling disturbances in the prisons.


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As for the perspective concerning those who are booked inside these prisons, they are panicked. Imagine not truly knowing the extent of something while living confined, and isolated from the rest of the world. There could be an insidious plague infiltrating the American public, and those locked up wouldn't have one clue about it. Oh wait, that's what happened. Jesus take the wheel. Coronavirus seems to be getting worse by the second, and those who have the liberty to keep up with the everchanging news, aren't the only ones shook.

Bad Conditions?

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Another important aspect of this conversation revolves around the conditions within these prisons. Some prisoners have alleged that there have been rat infestations, and terrible upkeep concerning the cells where they stay. Now, there are probably people out there who don't care, and won't lose a lick of sleep over whether criminals are living badly, or not. The consensus by those with that harsh state of mind is that, maybe it is deserved, especially if you've committed unforgivable, atrocious, and vulgar acts.

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