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Controversial Reality Star Farrah Abraham Outrages Fans with Picture of Daughter Wearing Mask During Pandemic

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez
By Ben Robinson III

Saying that MTV's Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham hasn't seen her fair share of drama and controversy since entering the world of reality television is a mild understatement. Because for whatever reason Abraham loves to do things to garner attention for herself. Most times the attention isn't necessarily good, and the public is left questioning why she does the things she does. Now, she's coming under fire once again for a recent post to social media that has people talking.

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It's no secret that the current COVID-19 coronavirus has the world on pins and needles, especially in North America, where we are watching the disease ravage the rest of the world while we wait in isolation for what's to come next. And as some are taking every possible precaution to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of family and friends there are still some who believe it's all a game. Just ask the current crop of Spring Breakers who have decided, since they're young and healthy, the threat of becoming infected doesn't apply to them.

NBC News reports;

Local officials in Florida towns and cities are taking it upon themselves to close beaches amid the coronavirus outbreak after Gov. Ron DeSantis refused to, even as spring breakers and others crowd the shores....All public beaches in Miami-Dade County will close as of Thursday night, Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez announced Wednesday. Parks, nonessential retail, private educational facilities, casinos and other recreational and entertainment activities are also ordered closed or restricted as of Thursday night.

Though those spring breakers appear to be very reckless with their attitude towards COVID-19 Abraham is taking a few precautions of her own that are rubbing people the wrong way on social media.

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet Abraham has really been taking an inappropriate approach towards the worldwide pandemic, even claiming she was enjoying coronavirus season, which would make her the only person in the world to admit that. But now a recent post of her daughter wearing a medical mask is making people call her out for being completely clueless.

It looks like Farrah is also including coronavirus posts on Sophia’s Instagram. On March 14, Sophia’s Instagram uploaded a photo showing her and Farrah wearing surgical masks and wielding spray bottles of cleaning agents. “Self #quarantine ready go team!” the caption of the post reads.

Followers were immediately outraged by Abraham's latest stunt, and they didn't hide their disgust.

“Blown away at the ignorance and stupidity. Leave the masks for the people this disease actually could kill,” a follower commented. “And maybe stop posting stuff about serious matters for attention like this. Unreal. I feel sorry for this child.”

“The mask only helps if you’re contagious! Won’t keep you from getting the virus love!” another wrote. “Tell your mom to do her homework before she had you guys out looking like you don’t know what is going on.”

If attention is what Abraham was looking for from her current posts she most certainly got it. However, not all attention is good attention.

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