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Carole Baskin Might Step Up Safety Measures If Rival Joe Exotic Is Released From Prison

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on November 12, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST

Carole Baskin is not taking any chances with her safety when it comes to her arch-enemy and convicted felon, Joe Exotic.

Fans of big cats, especially tigers, may recognize the famous animal activist from numerous animal documentary series such as Netflix's "Tiger King," which captured her beef with Exotic.

In a recent interview with ET Online, the CEO of Big Cat Rescue revealed she had safety precautions in place to ward off any attacks from her nemesis in case he got out of prison.

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Carole Baskin Is A Survivor Of Numerous Life-Threatening Situations 

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Baskin has been subjected to various encounters with death in her war against animal cruelty, confinement, and private ownership of exotic cats.

The protection of wild animals is a dangerous affair as the animal activist confessed to ET's Nischelle Turner that she had received several death threats. 

The 60-year-old stated that she was physically harmed whenever she spoke at Florida's Wildlife Commission, Congress, and state legislative hearings.

According to the former "DWTS" contestant, the malicious plans against her wellbeing were proof of the righteousness of her cause to save these wild cats against felons like Exotic. 

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Although the "Fatal Attractions" star believed the G.W. Zoo founder would be punished by the law, she wasn't taking chances with her safety. In her words,

We have taken all kinds of precautions to protect me and my family and the sanctuary, and so, we may have to step those up even further, but right now we've done about all that we can to ensure our safety.

Safety precautions were necessary as the animal activist's upcoming Discovery+ series, "Carole Baskin's Cage Fight," will feature an investigation of the crimes carried out on Exotic's wildcat property. 

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Joe Exotic Has Been Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Earlier in November, The Blast reported that the Tiger King's 22 years imprisonment had gotten tougher after the 58-year-old was diagnosed with an aggressive type of prostate cancer.

The shocking news was made public via a handwritten letter uploaded on the Netflix star's Instagram. Exotic implored fans to be the voice demanding his release so he could be properly treated.

The TV personality stated that he was innocent and deserved to be released so he could spend the time he had left with his loved ones. He concluded the letter with the words, "say a prayer, everyone, & be my voice."

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Netflix Got Slapped With A Lawsuit From The Baskins

Amid Exotic's health battle, Baskin has been making headlines for her legal battle with Netflix.

As The Blast previously covered, Carole and her husband Howard Baskin went to war with Netflix for using their footage in the promotional trailers of "Tiger King 2" without the couple's consent. 

The couple claimed they never agreed to the show's sequel, and the footage being used to tease "Tiger King 2" was unused footage from the show's first season.

The animal activist also accused the show's producers of tarnishing her image with "Tiger King 1," which was a dishonest description of the Baskins and their non-profit animal sanctuary. 

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The 60-year-old was told the reality TV show would be an exposé on wildcat breeding and cub petting trade. Instead, it was centered around Exotic and his animal theme park.

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