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Disney + Taking A Huge Chunk of The Family Market

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By Mario Perez

When a new service basically is launched into any market it usually is going to take some time to gain followers and start turning a profit. When this service happens to be backed by one of the most powerful companies in the world it really makes the rise to the top much easier.

That is exactly the type of effect that we are seeing with Disney +. Also, it may be important to note that streaming companies are some of the few companies out there that are having some of their best numbers in these tough times.

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Already Half Of Their Main Target Audience

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Disney + is a platform that ideally is created with a wide audience in mind. That is why the platform offers a wide array of movies and TV shows that are suitable for all audiences. Having said this, it is no secret that Disney has always specialized in creating content for children.

That magic touch has yet to go away. According to Deadline over 50% of US families with kids under the age of ten have already subscribed to the service. This is seemingly half of their most important target audience. With the platform being only months old!

The Classics Still Have A Strong Pull


If you are still not on Disney + you are probably wondering which Disney movies are on the service. When it comes to the classic animated movies like Snow White, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, and pretty much all of the long time favorites that you can think of, they are all on there!

This is one of the biggest reasons that parents with young children have decided that the service is perfect for them. If you are a classic Disney buff the service is perfect for you even if you don't have kids. Here is the full line up, of classic movies on the service.

Star Wars Is The Biggest Pull for Teens and Up

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Without a doubt, Disney is trying really hard to stretch its Star Wars licenses as far as they can go. The Mandalorian is pretty much the most popular series on the service. It is not the only Star Wars licensed series though, that is getting a major push on the platform.

In April we are going to get to see all-new episodes of the Star Wars Clone Wars series. Both The Mandalorian and the animated Clone Wars series are pretty much the two biggest in house projects at the moment.

Disney + or Netflix?

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This is going to be a debate that is probably going to come up for years to come. At this point in time though, there are certain tendencies that are already being set. That can give us some clues about where the future may be headed for these two companies.

Netflix has hit it big with its original content. Yet, most of the movies and series appeal to a more mature audience. While Disney is still king amongst younger audiences. It could seem that it is a matter of age at this point!

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