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ABC News' Kaylee Hartung Reveals She's Tested Positive for the Coronavirus After Covering Outbreak in Seattle

By Zachary Holt

Kaylee Hartung, an ABC News and former ESPN reporter, announced on Thursday that she had contracted the coronavirus while she was in Seattle, Washington covering the COVID-19 outbreak. Hartung had a chance to explain how she believes she caught the virus, as well as, her symptoms leading up the diagnosis on 'Good Morning America' this week. And according to the reporter, the coronavirus is no joke, as she's claimed the symptoms have 'knocked her off her feet' and left her feeling very underwhelmed.

Hartung Explains She Started Experiencing Symptoms After She Visited Seattle For Coverage

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"It really all started with a runny nose about a week ago, and that was four days after I spent a week in Seattle covering the initial outbreak of the virus in the U.S," Hartung told Robin Roberts on 'Good Morning America'. "So last Wednesday, it was just a runny nose. I honestly thought it was allergies. I didn’t think it was anything more than that."

"I woke up the next morning, just last Thursday — and you know when you wake up, and you know something’s wrong immediately? You just feel it in your body," she continued in her interview.

'I Knew Something Was Off as Soon as I Woke Up, and That's When I Started Consulting Medical Professionals'


For Hartung, she knew something was definitely amiss. The reporter admitted to catching the flu before as a result of being overworked and stressed out, but this was completely different. "I’ve had the feeling before when I’ve had the flu, when my body is just broken down when I’ve gone too hard and have been run down. I knew something was off as soon as I woke up, and that’s when I started consulting medical professionals," she said.

"I was defeated, confused, I didn’t know where to turn and what to do, and my healthcare provider actually called me back, and said ‘upon review of your case, because of where you’ve been, we do want you to get tested," Hartung continued.

The Reporter Explained That Her Symptoms Weren't Typical For COVID-19

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Hartung claimed that she initially didn't believe the symptoms that were being presented were applicable to the coronavirus. "I wasn’t having any sort of a dry cough, I didn’t have any shortness of breath, and I didn’t feel any pressure on my chest," she explained on Roberts.

The ABC reporter added that she just felt overall 'fatigued' and 'had a headache just right between the eyes. I was congested, I had body aches in places that I wasn’t used to having them, my lower back was really hurting'. Hartung also expressed that she feels guilty as one of the people who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus through the use of testing kits. which are hard to come by.

Hartung Felt Guilty For Being One of the People to Have a Test Done on Her


"We’ve all heard that these test kits are so valuable, that there aren’t enough for all the people who want to get tested. I’ll tell you, I feel guilty that I’m someone who was able to get one," she confessed.

On her Instagram stories on Wednesday, Hartung expressed that she hadn't been prescribed any anti-viral medications by physicians, but she had been taking Nyquil and Tylenol. It's been almost a week since she was initially diagnosed and the reporter says she's now feeling 'just fine'.

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