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Katy Perry

Katy Perry Reveals The Crazy Ways She Hid Her Pregnancy

Gettyimages | Daniel Pockett
By Jacob Highley

Katy has recently revealed how she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for so long. From elaborate outfits and clever explanations for her growing stomach, it becomes clear she knew how to keep a secret really well.

I've followed Katy's exploits for some time now and I never suspected she was prego. Not only did she surprise her fans with the news, but she did it in the best style possible.

Her music video "Never Worn White" absolutely slayed!

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Katy Would Wear Large Bows And Handbags

Katy Perry
Gettyimages | Adam Bettcher

Katy would wear large handbags, bows, and outfits to hide her stomach. Ironically, Katy was never suspected of hiding anything since she actually wore this kind of clothing on a regular basis anyway.

I find that hilarious since quite a few celebrities can never get away with any kind of flamboyant or baggy clothing without being suspected of being pregnant.

A good example would be Joe Jonas' wife Sophie Turner. She is said to be pregnant according to rumors. Most of her pictures also show her covering up much more than usual.

Katy Said She Was 'Curvy And Hungry'


When anyone would bring up that Katy looked pregnant, she would often reply that she was simply 'curvy and hungry'. Which was an excellent explanation considering it was also true according to her.

There is a lot of talk about her recent engagement with Orlando Bloom with both of them in the headlines pretty much every day. Though most people have been super excited for them just as many were disappointed when their wedding was postponed.

If I'm not wrong, they've postponed it twice now.

Katy & Orlando Have Postponed Wedding Twice

Bride and groom
Unsplash | Marc A. Sporys

The first time the wedding was postponed was due to not being able to book the venue they wanted. The second time has been due to the Coronavirus.

Katy, along with many celebrities, has been taking safety measures to avoid becoming exposed to the Coronavirus. I don't blame them, and many fans are glad they are playing it safe.

During her previous interviews, Katy shared how excited she is to start a family along with Orlando. While not ideal, they are both happy to wait on tying the knot until it is safe to do so.

Katy Just Won A Major Lawsuit

court room
Unsplash | David Veksler

In other news, Katy just won a 7-month long court case around a copyright case pressed against her for the "DarkHorse" song. She was accused of using music from a Christian rapper.

Katy is very happy about the case result and is expected to make a public statement on the event soon.

At this point, things have really been going Katy's way. She has a loving fiance, a child on the way, her court case was won, and she is expected to have a romantic wedding once things start to improve regarding the virus.

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