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Hannah A. Speaks On Peter Weber's Shifty Behavior

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By kenadijiba

Why does Peter Weber always have to get some type of “closure” whenever the women he chooses to leave are done with him. He honestly is the human manifestation of that random text all women receive from ex boyfriends whenever they post a fire selfie. Like why? Is it necessary to rehash the past after there's been a significant amount of time that's passed, and your ex is not even remotely interested in you anymore. When Hannah A. went and spoke with Rachel Lindsay who was the first, and seemingly will be the only black Bachelorette, things got tense.

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Rachel Lindsay

Giphy | The Bachelor

The charisma and no nonsense attitude Rachel Lindsay displays in all facets of herself has to be one of the main reasons people fell in love with her so instantly during her notable season of being “The Bachelorette”. Hannah A. similarly retains that global appeal and has made a great impression on “Bachelor Nation”. Some gems that were dropped during their interview with them together all flipped back to stale, boring, and most importantly indecisive, Pilot Pete. The major breakthrough involved him even after their engagement expression to Hannah A. that he still wanted “closure” with Hannah B.

Two Hannah's

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Are two Hannah’s not enough Peter? Jesus, it's ridiculous that you fell in love with two women who have the exact same name, but to tell your at the time fiancee you needed to reconcile some unresolved feelings for your “almost” fiancee, is really bizarre. This is the bone to pick with Bachelor producers. Why do you guys keep choosing people who so obviously aren't ready for marriage. Peter looked as if he didn't know who he liked until the time came for him to actually make that decision, and well we all know how that trainwreck ended.

Attracting More Viewers

Gettyimages | Jesada Wongsa / EyeEm

It's hard to tell if this is being purposefully done to attract more viewers to the show, or if they honestly don't know how to vet cast members. Not to mention their picks concerning the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Ever since Arie Lundyck was brought on the scene like an ancient artifact nobody realized existed, there's been this terrible tradition of randomly choosing those who the public clearly doesn't even have a connection with, only for the hell of it. Hopefully “Bachelor In Paradise” makes up for it.

Chris Harrison

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

You know what Chris Harrison, why don't you convince the heads of “The Bachelor '' to make “Bachelor In Paradise” the big dog of this entire franchise. There should be more focus exercises on building up this good thing they’ve got going on versus this perishing once enticing production of the past. We all know one day this all coming to end, or at least there will be a reboot in some way shape or form.Chris Harrison can't host this hot mess forever.

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