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Cardi B's Recent Plastic Surgey

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett
By kenadijiba

Cardi B and controversy go hand in hand. The manner in which Cardi made her claim to fame is an interesting story. Starting out in the strip clubs and pursuing her rap career, Cardi always had the mind of a hustler. Ultimately what really shot her into the stratosphere was the way she went about being consistent on her social media. The loud and at times obnoxious videos she would post left a mark on her viewers. Her personality although charisma drenched leaves no room for ambiguity. There is no middle ground with Cardi, the choice ultimately has to be made, you either love her or you don't.

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All The Drama


If you took the time to read up on all the drama this woman has been involved in, you’d lose a lot of sleep. So don't waste your valuable hours. The achilles heel of Cardi’s all ties back towards insecurity. What must be acknowledged is that most of the population has something that irks them to the core, and probably brings out not the best version of who we desired to be portrayed as to the general public. In true Libra fashion Cardi appears to be a person who can not stand to be disliked.


Gettyimages | skynesher

Here is a perfect example of the type of woman Cardi is. Do you remember that girl who was popular to most if not all the students in class, but for some reason you just didn't understand her appeal and came to the conclusion that you didn't care for her. Well, she probably didn't take that news with ease and on countless occasions would ask you, hey, why don't you like me? Is everyone getting deja vu? Yes, okay well that's the energy Cardi B. puts out.

A Career Born From Instagram

Gettyimages | Alexander Spatari

Since Cardi burst into the business through the tool of Instagram she had to experience stressful and hurtful comments, that arent for the weak. Things that hit on her physical appearance and in all transparency were simply mean spirited. Absorbing all that nonsensical hate especially for someone as thin skinned like her clearly hasn't been a challengless ride. Now, unsurprisingly like most Instagram influencers, Cardi has made alterations to her face and body to appease those who have made fun of her.

Plastic Surgery

Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

When photos dropped of Cardi attending parties and major functions wearing a mask, people at first thought this was some sort of fashion statement. Once pictures leaked of her without it, it now makes sense as to why she was trying to hide her face. It appears as if the star has gone under the knife once again and is messing with her natural born features. Ultimately these decisions are all up to her, but it's sad to see someone else once again being affected by the crass opinions of others.

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