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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Slammed For Coronavirus Comments

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By kenadijiba

Vanessa, high school musical Hudgens, has been caught in the middle of a firestorm. Listen, Instagram live is never a good idea when it comes to addressing diar issues affecting the majority of Americans who aren't in the same boat as you. Basically the anger that's shackled Vanessa Hudgens dried out her career since yesterday revolves around, surprise, Coronavirus. Looks like this illness is not only taking out people's immune systems, it's also tossing Disney channel royalty in the trash. Now, it's hard to say whether the response Vanessa has received is warranted, but it's clear she’s definitely learned quickly not to speak on things she has no education on.

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1. Having An Unpopular Opinion

Gettyimages | Jenny Dettrick

When famous people are called out for having opinions that aren't exactly the norm, it's kind of hilarious how fast they renege on what they’ve said, and beg for forgiveness. Like, come on are we as the public supposed to be convinced that Vanessa Hudgens total point of view has completely swerved after 24 hours. Sorry, but common sense is a virtue and what it's telling us all is that Vanessa was feeling the heat, and was urged to apologize so that her future conquests in the entertainment industry wouldn't be compromised.

2. Coachella

Unsplash | Andrew Ruiz

Listen, if you truly believe in the depths of your soul that Coronavirus isn't that serious, and Coachella is more important to you than the health of others, stick by that. Don't be a flip flopper and try to fall in line when it suits you. When people aren't brave enough to defend their own perspectives, they really shouldn't be allowed to act as if they are confident figures. It's all an illusion and manipulation of smoking mirrors when it comes to some of these celebrities.

3. Put Down The Phone

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

Also, to avoid situations like this continuously transpiring, just put the phone down. It isn't that hard to unplug and enjoy your paid for mansions while watching a good bit of television. Honestly what problems are people like Vanessa Hudgens facing? Clearly if Coachella is at the height of your priority “worry” list then life has to be good. So, if it's so good and that's what is of your main concern, then own it. Don't try to be relatable when you aren't, it's kind of insulting.

4. Austin Butler


After her highly publicized breakup from Austin Butler who she spent almost a decade with, is Vanessa going through some sort of mid life crisis? It can be hard to understand but there is probably an element of jealousy concerning her ex. With her career dissipating and now having to reconcile that lifetime is the actual pinnacle of her career, how could Vanessa not feel some type of regret and resentment? Will Austin tweet something on her behalf to calm the shade thrown her way? Or continue to pretend that she doesn't exist.

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