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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Assigned To A Maximum-Security Prison

Gettyimages | Spencer Platt
By Carolyn B.

Former Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein's journey to prison was a long and complicated one. Still, after being found guilty of rape and a criminal sex act last month, his prison term has fraught with interruptions and drama.

It looks like things have yet to settle down. Weinstein could soon be moved to a completely different prison altogether. But even this is up in the air, as the circumstances allow for movement to multiple locations. There is currently not a known decision on this matter.

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The Hospital

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

Weinstein was to be taken to Rikers Island prison in New York City immediately upon being found guilty. He complained of chest pains and was instead brought to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for a blockage of the heart.

The producer's spokesperson insisted this was not a comfortable time for Weinstein and that he was not at the hospital to avoid prison. Weinstein's hospital room was reportedly very much like a prison cell with a steel toilet and glass walls.

Special Treatment

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

After being monitored for high blood pressure and heart palpitations -- and undergoing what was described as a successful surgery to remove the blockage of the heart -- Weinstein was moved back to Rikers Island.

Reports claimed that the former film producer was receiving "special treatment" in the prison as a means to try to protect him from other inmates. Weinstein was said to have been given a full floor to himself for several days and was later granted at least one cellmate.

Health Issues

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Spencer Platt

The day he was sentenced to 23 years in prison, Weinstein again said he was feeling chest pains and was taken back to the hospital rather than returning to Rikers Island prison. The prison medical staff reportedly felt it was appropriate to send the producer back to the hospital to address his ongoing health issues.

Before sentencing, Weinstein's lawyers brought up his poor health and ongoing medical issues. They urged the judge to give their client a light sentence, claiming he would not be likely to survive even five years in prison.

Moving Again?

Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Scott Heins

Weinstein has been moved to the Wende Correctional Facility in Buffalo, New York. He has been assigned an inmate number and will be kept at Wende as he undergoes an evaluation.

After being evaluated, Weinstein could remain at Wende or be moved to another facility completely. There are a variety of factors that could determine Weinstein's assigned location, including the nature of their crimes, their level of fame, behavior in their current facilities, and any medical needs that may need to be attended to.

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