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Donald Trump Coins Coronavirus as The 'Chinese Virus'

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By kenadijiba

Here is why coining the Coronavirus as the “Chinese” virus is problematic. Trump in a litany of bold tweets which isnt of surprise to anyone, has time and again spoken on the Coronavirus as the “Chinese” virus. A lot of Asian Americans have expressed that during this trying time there has been racist vitriol thrusted their way because of comments like this. The memes spilling across social media like hot chocolate aren't helping either, but having the President of The United States inadvertently cosigning that China is the exclusive reason for the spread of this virus, can present problems here.

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In All Honesty

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To be real, Wuhan China is where this virus was born. So, saying that this virus is connected to China isn't a racist conclusion. But, when this fact spills into some callous opinion that pours into peoples xenophobic ideals, that is when people should be called out. Is Trump wrong for the manner in which he’s called attention to Coronavirus? It's complicated, what seems to present as the all encompassing issue plaguing the Trump team is how he hilights and explains things.


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As a leader it's important to instill in the people you're guiding that everything will be alright. What a travesty on the behalf of his administration is, even when he does something decent or resoundingly well, the credit is ofcourse more likely to be lost because of how he handles criticism. If Donald Trump just didn't retaliate nor spoke on everything insignificant, as well as noteworthy, the way his Presidency is looked upon wouldn't be hit with so much negativity.

Defense Act

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Today he invoked the “Defense Production Act” that is a great benefit on the side of American’s but nobody will be able to totally bask in that, because of the controversy surrounding things he said only today. A word to the wise, if Trump wants to be reelected, tone down the time on the internet, and be a strong example on behalf of the citizens during this scary time. If he can't do that then maybe the wiser choice is to choose someone who is more equipped to take on that role for a while.

No Shame

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There is no shame in recognizing the areas in which you lack. In any group there are roles assigned. Nobody should be expected to fulfill all needs to anybody else. That is why the President has a cabinet, and thankfully we have checks and balances in this Democratic Republic. As humans we get it and see how stressful situations alike to this can be. Being the head of anything is incredibly stress inducing, but what relieves that stress if even for a moment, is placing some of that weight on other people.

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