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LeBron James: 'We Need to Cancel 2020' Amid Kobe Bryant's Death, Coronavirus Pandemic

Gettyimages | John McCoy
By Zachary Holt

This year has been tough for everybody. There's no doubt about it. While people thought that 2019 was bad, 2020 is proving that we'd happily take back the previous year, given the coronavirus pandemic and the loss of some of the biggest names in the world like Kobe Bryant.

For the NBA legend, LeBron James, it only got worse when the season was indefinitely postponed amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Because of the coronavirus, sporting events and concerts have been cancelled, businesses have shut down, many are without paychecks, and people are quarantined in their homes. LeBron has a solution to help all of that change, though.

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LeBron James Wants to Throw Away 2020 and Get a Fresh Start

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James recently tweeted a solution to all of 2020's woes that I believe we can all get behind. Just the other day he said we just need to cancel the year, much like everything else in the world. "Man we cancelling sporting events, school, office work, etc etc.," he said in his Tweet. "What we really need to cancel is 2020! 🤦🏾‍♂️. Damn it’s been a rough 3 months. God bless and stay safe🙏🏾."

James' year has been rough for sure. The one passion he's had his whole life has been put on hiatus among the coronavirus pandemic, he lost one of his best friends in Kobe Bryant, and now we're all on lockdown until the curve is 'flattened'.

Cases of Coronavirus Infections Continue to Rise at an Exponential Rate

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While it's possible that the NBA season could resume later this Spring, that is still a major unknown. According to health experts, the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, with the most recent numbers showing an increase of 30 percent over the last couple weeks. If that trend continues, the United States would see over 100,000 cases by the end of the month.

Still, we could also see adramatic decrease following widespread preventative measures people have been taking, along with directive the government, federal, state, and local, are taking to help mitigate the COVID-19 transmission.

The NBA Announces That a Player Has Tested Positive For the Coronavirus

Gettyimages | Stacy Revere

Last week, following the news that Utah Jazz basketball player, Rudy Gobert, had tested positive for the coronavirus, the NBA made the swift executive decision to suspend play until further notice with no timelines in place.

"The NBA announced that a player on the Utah Jazz has preliminary tested positive for COVID-19. The test was reported shortly prior to the tip-off of tonight’s game between the Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena," the NBA said in a statement that was issued following news of Gobert testing positive for the virus.

The 2020 NBA Season Is Suspended Indefinitely Following Diagnosis

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The NBA followed with another statement declaring that all league play would be suspended. "The NBA is suspending game play following the conclusion of tonight’s schedule of games until further notice. The NBA will use this hiatus to determine next steps for moving forward in regard to the coronavirus pandemic."

While times are certainly dark and grim right now, if we're all able to stick together and ride this thing out, we'll be grateful when all is said and done. As Matthew McConaughey just recently said, 'Let's make lemonade out of this lemon'.

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