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Tyler Cameron (right) hugs Hannah Brown (left)

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Quarantine Together While Overcoming Family Trauma

Hannah Brown / Instagram
By Natalie Hunter

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been spending time in Florida together after Brown attended Cameron's mother's funeral. While the two were spotted on the beach together, they are now taking the coronavirus more seriously by quarantining together amid dealing with their own family traumas according to Perez Hilton. They've been spotted playing volleyball together and uploaded videos together under @TheQuarantineCrew. Tyler Cameron even roasted Hannah in one of the Tik Tok videos that he shared on Instagram writing, "Tyler: 'She still can’t figure out waterproof mascara!' ☠️" in the video's captions.

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This comes just after Hannah Brown's brother, Patrick Brown, announced that he overdosed.

“I have been very hesitant to post this because of my pride and ego but God has been weighing on my heart lately to share," he wrote on Instagram. "As some people know On March 1st I overdosed, I ended up spending 2 days on a ventilator and I am so grateful to be here to share this with everyone. I am not posting this for pity or what not but to thank everyone who has checked up on me.”

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“Y’all are the reason I fully intend to take my story and share it to hopefully save another loved ones to not have to go through waiting by the bedside hoping they wake up," he continued. "Rather then being mad at myself for this I am thankful this happened. I have grown so much closer to God, healing my heart, and finding out who has my best interest at heart. This is my second chance and I intend to make the best out of it and can’t wait to share where my testimony goes from here!”

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One day later, Cameron posted about his mother, Andrea Cameron's, passing.

“We are so grateful with how @donatelifeamerica was able to help us through these tough times…This process helped our family find a positive light in a very dark time. Our mother now lives on through me and my brothers but also to the man she was able to give more life to. My mom would do anything to impact the world in a positive way and these are her final ways of doing it,” he wrote on Instagram.

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“We just went through one of the most difficult times of our lives in the Cameron family," he continued. "We lost our rock, our nucleus, and the one who gave us a home. Our mother was the ultimate servant. She gave us her all until she had nothing more she could give. So we thought. Our mother gave the ultimate gift when she passed away. She was able to give more life. She was able to donate her liver and give someone another opportunity… In this very trying time for us all, we needed any positivity we could get. What helped us so much through this tough time was the hopes that our mother could give more life to someone else.”

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