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Kaley Cuoco Can't Believe Amazon Doesn't Consider Nightgowns 'Essential' in Late-Night Rant

@kaleycuoco / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Kaley Cuoco doesn't have a problem with the self-quarantine as long as she has two essential items, coffee and nightgowns. Unfortunately, Amazon is not considering her sleepwear as important as some of the other products they're shipping around the world and the "Big Bang Theory" star is flabbergasted.

Cuoco has been updating fans on her daily activities since she and husband Karl Cook moved into their spacious $12 million mansion in Hidden Hills ... which was good timing as they are now self-quarantining while trying to do their part and flatten the curve on the spread of COVID-19.

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Amazon is Awesome!

@kaleycuoco / Instagram

The "Big Bang Theory" star began her "rant" by explaining that she's been passing the time by eating, working out, helping to rescue animals through social media, drinking ... and of course, ordering unnecessary things from Amazon.

Cuoco originally hailed Amazon as "awesome" for allowing the late-night binges, and even described how the employees helped her out of a shipping problem. The star explained that she still had her Amazon shipping address linked up to her old house, and was worried that her "huge" order was going to get lost.

However, she explained that Amazon was able to rectify the situation and was excited as she anticipated the arrival of her special package.


@kaleycuoco / Instagram

"Ok now I'm hearing that Amazon is only going to be shipping essential items," Cuoco updated her fans later in the night while laying in bed with husband, Karl Cook.

The star later admitted she wasn't even sure what essential items entailed:

"Does that mean I can't order random stuff that doesn't make sense, like nightgowns?!"

Karl, always keeping a cool demeanor, explained that "Your essentials are different than other people's essentials."

Cuoco snapped back that her "essentials" are nightgowns, because, "they are keeping me happy."

We can't argue that reasoning.

What Is Available?!

@kaleycuoco / Instagram

Cuoco said that she still has love for Amazon, but is seriously confused on what is deemed essential, and what will be available for customers.

"I guess I'm going to find out with the rest of you ... oh boy," she finally lamented.

It was a crushing moment for the "Big Bang Theory" star, but luckily she should be able to keep busy as she continues to care for her many animals, including dogs and bunnies. She's also been spending time with her sister, Briana Cuoco, who kept her company during a slumber party the other night.

Just no more Amazon orders.

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