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A photo of Harvey Weinstein  sitting behind a close door with his gaze fixed on the floor.

Woman Sues Harvey Weinstein for Coercion, Sexual Assault & Battery

Gettyimages | Scott Heins
By Favour

A recent report has stated that Harvey Weinstein is facing another sexual assault and coercion charge from an unidentified woman. According to the reports, the woman in question claimed that while Weinstein was still part of Hollywood, he forced her to engage in sexual acts and even assaulted her to make matters worse.

Harvey Weinstein has recently been found guilty of more than one charge from different women and is serving a 23-year-sentence. Although a report alleged that Weinstein is planning to appeal, there has been no news about that yet.

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A photo of Harvey Weinstein alighting from a vehicle as he heads into court for a hearing.
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According to TMZ, a woman filed a lawsuit against the former film producer. In her lawsuit, she alleged that Weinstein coerced her into sexual activities after he threatened that he would bring an end to her career if she did not oblige. The report that TMZ secured, explained vividly how the event took place and the role Weinstein played in it.

Presently, the woman who has decided to break her silence and join the host of ladies who are accusing the former producer, is unknown.

A photo of Harvey Weinstein, who is being escorted out of a court room with two men holding his hands and supporting his movement.
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However, it seems like her lawsuit will be thoroughly looked into by the authorities.

The unidentified woman said that she met Weinstein for the first time at an event and he introduced himself to her by saying that he was in charge of Hollywood. She went on to say that he told her to meet him later at his hotel, and other events u folded from there.

When this report was brought to Weinstein’s lawyers, they simply dismissed it by not giving out any comment.

A photo of Harvey Weinstein  smiling widely as he poses for the camera.
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To continue what was written in the report, the woman later went to the hotel and stayed in the lobby. She had requested that he come down to the lobby, but he insisted that he wanted to have the meeting in his hotel room.

When she got to his suite and knocked, she said that Weinstein came to the door wearing a robe that had no belt. When she proceeded into the room, Weinstein allegedly started filling her in with several details, opining that she would benefit financially if she was good to him.

Harvey Weinstein walking down a hallway, with the support of a walker.
Gettyimages | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

After a while, Weinstein went into the shower and she left the room in fear. After a while, she emailed her a movie script and requested that she comes back to the hotel. When she got there, Weinstein made threats to her career and gave her one option of having sexual relations with him. She also mentioned that he insisted that she calls him “King” during the act.

The woman in question is accusing Weinstein of the after effect of the event. According to her, the experience led to her depression, mental breakdown and shock.

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