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Chrissy Teigen

Why Are Chrissy Teigen and Sharon Osbourne Feuding?

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By A. Elise

Chrissy Teigen and Sharon Osbourne are both figures who attract dedicated fans. They are also both married to musicians who have not been afraid to take strides toward success, even in unconventional ways. Chrissy is married to singer John Legend, and Sharon is married to rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

In November of last year, a heated war between Chrissy and Sharon seemingly came to light, and there is reportedly still bad blood between the two.

So, what started this feud? A Christmas song.

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Reportedly, Sharon started the feud when she criticized John for covering the song Baby It's Cold Outside for a new generation. In order to make the song more modern, John changed some of the lyrics.

Apparently, this offended Sharon. On The Talk, she slammed the cover. "What would John Legend do, if in 40 years, if somebody wanted to, you know times change, re-record one of his songs, and there was some group that found it offensive, and somebody just went, 'Oh, I can change the lyrics on that.'"

Chrissy Teigen
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In response to Sharon, Chrissy said, "Sharon's always gonna have something to say." She also implied that Sharon was just coming up with something to say to make money. She added, "I remember those days . . . "

Of course, Sharon had something to say. She shot back, "It's amazing that you remember those days, because the show you were on didn't even last a season." Sharon was referencing the show FabLife. Sharon even went on to imply that Chrissy was not a "self-made woman" like the women on The Talk.

Sharon Osbourne
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Though she implied that she was a "self-made woman," Sharon also went on to say that she had been born into the industry, whereas Chrissy had married into it.

Sharon claimed that she did not intend to start any drama with Chrissy or her family, and she complimented John. She said, "They're just the perfect couple. I don't have a bone to pick, but I'm also entitled, Chrissy, to my opinion." She added "I just though the lryic was silly, and that's it."

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
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At the end of her speech on The Talk, Sharon added, "Don't start anything, because I know it will get ugly, so don't start."

The song Baby, It's Cold Outside was initially performed in 1944 by Dean Martin. Dean's daughter, Deana, has also spoken out about the changes to the lyrics. She said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Of course, many cover songs make slight changes to lyrics based on who is performing them. Today, fans are still very split as to whether John and Kelly Clarkson's new lyrics were a good choice.

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