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California Schools Predicted To Be Closed All Year

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By kenadijiba

If this was 2010 and there was a powerful snowstorm that rode into town forcing all schools to cancel, students would generally feel elated about that. Well, this isn't 2010 and it's more like a monsoon that's rising and falling with each switch of the remote concerning this virus, and the nation's anxieties. Oh how we long for the days when the most scandalous of gossip hitting the airways revolved around the ruthless shenanigans of whatever the hell the Kardashians were doing.

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April Fools Anyone?


Are we sure this isn't just some elaborate prank? April is arriving pretty soon so maybe Trump is playing us all really well. No, hmm, then possibly everyone's collectively experiencing a terrible acid trip and it's almost on its way to coming down, but we have to get over that bad spell first. No? Damn, this is real life. So, school in California is possibly going to be postponed till next year. How insane to comprehend that 2020 has merely started and we’re already speaking about 2021.

Living Unaware

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For all those lucky people who are unaware and living their best lives, take this piece of advice, and stay wherever you are. Whatever cleanse Jared Leto was participating in for twelve days and ended up not knowing anything about Coronavirus, that's what the rest of the world is trying to sign up for. If the government is actually going to send the majority of low income households who have been affected the greatest by Coronavirus a cheque for 1,000 dollars, then they should also include a coupon for a nice purifying yoga retreat.

We Crave Contact

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Still, even with schools closing people aren't accepting this quarantined way of life. At the end of the day as humans we all crave contact. It isn't mentally befitting for us to be staying in our homes for months. In fact it's quite depression inducing and can lead to a whole nest of other problems. So, how can we enforce the perfect compromise? Well, New York at the moment is trying to put into action this temporary rule that in some ways is frightening due to it's “Martial Law” laced type of rhetoric.

Martial Law? No Thanks

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Mayor De Blasio is currently proposing that New Yorkers abide by this soon to be voted on “order” by the name of “Shelter In Place”. Essentially, this would be a quick fix that would force civilians to stay at home. When analyzing this at first glance sure it does seem reasonable. New York City is incredibly dense and the spread of Coronavirus would probably be beyond detrimental to those who reside there. But, at the same time we as people don't need the government policing us. It isn't very American to have rules and regulations when it comes to personal choice, and will, upon deciding whether someone simply wants to leave their home or not.

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