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Singer Fiona Apple Admits She Had An ‘Excruciating’ Night Out With Director Quentin Tarantino

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By Marisa Roman

Singer, songwriter Fiona Apple recently opened up to The New Yorker giving an interview that shed some light on the controversial singer’s past. The in-depth interview began with Apple admitting to the fact that she stopped doing cocaine after she had an “excruciating” night out with Quentin Tarantino. The singer admitted that she was put off by the drug after hanging out at Tarantino’s house and listening to her then-boyfriend Paul Thomas Anderson “brag” during the entire evening to the famed director.

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Apple, 42-years-old, said of the night, “Every addict should just get locked in a private movie theater with Q.T. and P.T.A. on coke, and they'll never want to do it again.” Apple, who isn’t known for being so forthcoming with press or with details regarding her private life, ended up opening up more about her relationship with Anderson, which took place in the 1990s. Anderson, who is a six-time Oscar Nominee, collaborated with his then-girlfriend on her music videos like “Across the Universe,” “Fast as You Can,” and “Paper Bag” to name a few. The pair broke up in 2000 and Anderson went on to marry SNL comedy giant Maya Rudolph.

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During the interview, Apple detailed the drug abuse which took place during their romance, which she referred to as “painful and chaotic.” They indulged in alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy, in addition to cocaine. Emily Nussbaum, who profiled the piece, said of Anderson, “At parties, he'd hiss harsh words in her ear, calling her a bad partner, while behaving sweetly on the surface; she'd tear up, which, she thinks, made her look unstable to strangers.” Apple also said the director shoved her out of a car once, threw a chair across the room after the 1998 Oscars, and was “coldly critical” during their courtship.

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While Apple admitted that Anderson never hit her, she did admit that she realized it wasn’t a good relationship, despite staying together for two more years after that realization. Anderson declined to comment through his agent about any of Apple’s accusations. Apple then went on to talk about other exes within the interview, more notably magician David Blaine, who she said was listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book. Apple also commented on ex-Louis C.K., who she expressed her disappointment in when he returned to comedy after his sexual misconduct fall out.

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Apple detailed that she sent a note to Louis C.K. asking him to try harder in his attempt to rejoin comedy again. Apple said she got to know one of the comedians he had harassed, Rebecca Corry, and became even more critical of her ex. Apple went on to describe her frustration with C.K. and his lack of awareness surrounding the accusations by saying, “I SHAKE when I have to think and write about myself. It’s scary to go there but I go there. He is so WEAK.”

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