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Disney Filming and Productions Stopped During Coronavirus Pandemic

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By Nora Pattugalan

As we all know, the Coronavirus has being a national threat to human health. In order to combat more complications, public announcements have shut down corporations and companies for the time being. From Washington to California, and elsewhere, businesses are forced to stop for as long as needed.

Affected companies include movie and television productions such as The Walt Disney Company, Netflix, and The CW. This has been considered a mental and physical health break to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus as well as prevent a major spread.

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It has been previously broadcasted that entertainment businesses would hinder their projects. Movie showtimes and mall frequents have been lowered or discontinued for community safety. This ongoing decision affects not only the morality and lives of people, but the financial standpoint and jobs worldwide.

Since the beginning, on March 5th, gatherings such as comic conventions, film festivals, and more have been cancelled and issuing refunds. As there were movies planned for production, Disney had to cancel the progress. Other countries such as France and China had done the same.

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On the following dates, Hulu and Netflix cancelled television series premieres; award ceremonies have also been postponed. Cancellations from left to right have taken into effect spreading fears and causing delays. A few shows such as ‘Russian Doll’ on Netflix; ‘The Flash’ on The CW; ‘Batwoman’ on The CW; and many more.

Anticipated television shows from Marvel Studios have been shut down and suspended. In an effort to appease the delays, Disney+ offered an early showing of the ‘Frozen II’ movie. This caused parents and children to spend a good time with one another during the stay-at-home phase.

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Movies with prepared release dates whether in movie theaters or on television have been postponed. In terms of live performances, Broadway shows and musicals were suspended in New York on March 12th. There has been a national announcement for limiting social gatherings which in turn closed theme parks, shopping malls and centers, and more.

The film industries will shut down productions as needed, although the length of keeping things at bay is uncertain. With respect to advice from government and health officials, counties across the United States must follow the abrupt instructions until further notice.


A countless number of cancellations would mean more wait time for avid fans who wish to see the latest films and television shows. The number of cancellations continues to grow across the country. Although this has been disappointing news, thousands of people have found other ways to cope with the lockdowns and at-home stays.

Transitioning to a work-at-home job, spending time with family and friends, and pets will be the best things to do. When bonding isn’t possible, this time could open up conversations on the pandemic and the means to stay healthy. Technologies available could introduce video-calling and texting to those unfamiliar.

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