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'Black-ish' Celebrates Love for Black Hair With Jill Scott

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Lacretia Roberts

Black hair has always been a very boundless topic because it is so versatile. From kinky coils to dred locks, curls and braids, there are certainly a plethora of styles and hair types that exemplify the culture.

Dating back to Madam CJ Walker, black women have taken to several methods to attempt to tame their tresses beginning with perms to relax and straighten their hair.

In a recent episode of the award winning, hit television series, from ABC'S 'Blackish,' the topic of black hair was celebrated and explained with the powerhouse talent of singer and actress, Jill Scott.

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Jill Scott is a multi Grammy award winning artist who took home wins for her music, 'Daydreamin,' 'Cross My Mind,' 'God Bless The Child,' as well as a host of image awards, including one for her album, 'Woman.' The actress guest stars and performs to showcase the power and beauty of black hair.

In the episode, Diane the youngest lady of the Johnson family, has decided she wants to do something different to her hair but she isn't quite sure what. As she begins thinking it over, she considers going natural.

Unsplash | Leighann Blackwood

Going natural is a term black women use to refer to making the switch from wearing their hair straight through the process of using a chemical perm, which treats the hair and makes the effect last permanently to discontinuing chemical usage. In order to switch to natural, one cannot simply stop usage to get the hair uniform to the natural state.

Instead the treated hair must be grown out, allowing new growth to come in untreated by any new chemicals. This means that the straight, treated hair moves away from the scalp as the hair grows. Once the new growth is long enough, the permed hair can be trimmed, leaving only the natural hair in its raw, typically curly and kinky state.

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Of course, Diane thinks she wants to go natural but the stylists in the shop approach her with several ideas regarding how she can manage making the change.

One stylist eagerly recommends what is referred to as 'the big chop.' The scary method involves shaving most or all of the permed hair off completely in one big cut, inevitably starting fresh so that all new growth comes in naturally.

For most women this is either terrifying or exciting because they grow attached to their hair, as it typically represents a certain standard of beauty.

Gettyimages | Arnold Turner

When Diane becomes overwhelmed with all the information and the possibility of undergoing what could be an awkward chop. The award winning performance featuring Jill Scott ensues showcasing and celebrating black hair styles, regardless of what they are.

The episode serves as a tribute to the love of black culture and the acceptance of diversity among styles and looks for all beautiful black women.

The episode showed classic history as only Black-ish seems to do while educating and entertaining for an all around epic message of celebration.

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