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'The View' Co-Host Meghan McCain Is 'Furious' With People Not Taking the Coronavirus Pandemic Seriously

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By Zachary Holt

Many celebrities have reached out on their respective social media accounts to encourage people to be more vigilant as it pertains to the coronavirus pandemic and practicing 'social distancing' and 'self-quarantining'.

These recommendations by the country's public health organizations are designed to help mitigate the transmission of the COVID-19 strain and ultimately, 'flatten the curve'. And while some celebrities have been positive about encouraging people to be kind and follow these rules, 'The View' co-host, Meghan McCain, is taking a different approach, citing that she's furious on a recent installment of the daytime talk show.

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McCain Rants on 'The View' That She's Furious with People For Not Taking the Coronavirus Seriously

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On Tuesday, during the show, McCain called out people who weren't taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. To the co-host, she couldn't believe that people could be so arrogant and inconsiderate of others, especially those who were the most vulnerable to contract the virus.

"This is so far over the tipping point in ways that I don’t even think people can realize," she emotionally ranted on Tuesday's episode. "I have been furious, furious at baby boomers and millennials … for people who would just have the hubris and arrogance to ignore what’s going on."

McCain: Status Quo Not Ok, 'You Think This Is Fine? This Is Not Fine'

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"You think this is fine? This is not fine," McCain added. The co-host then went on to use Italy as a case study for what could happen to the United States should people continue to behave in the manner they are.

Italy has seen the biggest outbreak of the coronavirus, outside of China, and is currently under a mandatory lockdown. As of this writing, all schools and stores are completely shut down, aside from grocery stores and pharmacies.

And while McCain initially went after people for not being responsible, she then turned her attention to the president's administration.

McCain Goes After President Trump's Administration and Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

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"I worry that because of the lack of testing and the lack of messaging and the lack of seriousness on the administration’s part, that we are way too far gone," McCain continued on the program. "I don’t understand why people aren’t taking it seriously."

In the last week or so, 'The View' has made it a point to go after President Donald Trump and the alleged handling of the coronavirus outbreak. On previous episodes, they attacked the president for his take on the media 'sensationalizing' reports, subsequently leading to mass hysteria.

Amid Encouragement to 'Self-Quarantine', Test Kits Are Limited Throughout the United States

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As of this writing, there are approximately 4,500 cases of people infected with the coronavirus and the number of deaths slowly climbing to near 100.

The federal government, along with smaller state and local entities, have tried to encourage people to stay home and 'self-quarantine' in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. And while isolating is one thing, test kits are still needed to confirm incidents of infection.

Currently, the number of available test kits is limited, leading to much uncertainty about how much the coronavirus has actually spread throughout the country.

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