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Jay Z and Beyonce staring at each other

The Truth About Why Jay-Z and Beyonce Don't Show Off the Carter Twins

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Brooklyn Denton

The Carters have established their legacy as music royalty. At the helm are multihyphenate King Jay Z and musical phenom Queen Bey. The heirs to their billion-dollar throne? Their daughter Blue Ivy Carter and their twins Rumi and Sir Carter, born in 2017. Like Beyonce sang poetically in The Carters' hit "BO$$", "That's a lot of brown chi'r'en on your Forbes list."

Since the birth of the Carter kids, the public has been increasingly interested in the lifestyles of the new generation.

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Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy Carter gracing the red carpet
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Something that has surprised followers and admirers about the Carter kids is the difference between how often we see Blue Ivy in the public eye and how little we see the Twins. Blue Ivy has been in the media since before she was born, and that was pushed further when she made headlines as a newborn after being featured on her father's song "Glory".

There, she became the youngest person to ever have a song chart on Billboard. She also had guest vocals on her mother's song "Blue" as a toddler and has been featured in a slew of videos for music created by her artist parents.

On the flipside of that, the Carter Twins seem to live a much more sheltered life than their older sis, and many fans wonder why that is. Although the couple is known to be notoriously private, that doesn't stop them from having their presence seen and felt around the world.

The two have their hands in everything when it comes to business as well as appearances. They divulge personal details about their lives when it suits them, and apparently that's the approach they are giving their twins.

Reportedly, Jay and Bey wish to give their kids the one luxury they do not have as two of the biggest stars in the world: normalcy. Even though Blue Ivy is out here snatching NAACP awards, she still attends school like the rest of the 8-year-olds her age, so life in the limelight is felt but it isn't the epicenter of her life. The 2-year-old twins Rumi and Sir might have a relatively small window to indulge in their version of "normalcy" and the Carters are taking full advantage of that window.

Back in January of last year, a source confirmed to that Queen Bey wants the best for her kids, which extends to their right for a normal life. “She [Beyoncé] tries her best to keep life as normal for her children. She was instrumental in choosing schools for Blue to attend and made sure to choose the most private school she could find so that Blue could just be a normal child in preschool like all children her age.”


The source continued, "“Expect the same kind of upbringing and life for the twins as Blue when it comes to privacy, being involved and being a mom. Beyoncé won’t change a thing about how they will be raised. You always learn things to do or not to do with your second baby, but her kids’ privacy and raising them normal is something very important to her, no matter which child it is. She wants the best for all of her children.”

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