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Maci Bookout

What You Need to Know About the New Season of 'Teen Mom OG'

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By A. Elise

Teen Mom OG is returning for its 2020 season, and a lot is happening. Still not convinced there will be enough to keep you entertained this season? Think again.

First, let's assess the cast list for this season. The cast members will include originals Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Lowell. Cheyenne Floyd will return as well, and Mackenzie McKee will seemingly appear on the show beyond her "special guest" role in the last season. These five cast members have a lot to offer this season.

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Mackenzie McKee might have experienced the biggest change since fans last saw her on the show. Last season, fans saw that Mackenzie was dealing with her mother's lung cancer.

Unfortunately, her mother died in December after fighting cancer for two years. In the wake of her mother's death, she also seems to be dealing with problems related to her marriage. She appeared to have broken up with her husband in a seemingly on-and-off relationship, perhaps based on the cheating scandal fans saw a peek of last season.

In the upcoming season, fans will get to see Mackenzie speaking with her mother about her relationship.

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Amber Portwood has also been going through some changes, and many of them revolve around criminal charges. Last July, Amber was accused of attacking then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon as he held their infant son. She allegedly hit the door with a machete, and she was charged with domestic battery.

In this season, viewers will continue to see Amber. She will also consult with ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley and his new wife about the allegations. Fans may see her go to court and face some consequences for the charges.

Maci Bookout
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What's in store for Maci Bookout this season? This year, viewers will continue to see Maci fight a health condition known as polycystic-ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. The teaser for this season shows Maci attending a meeting with a congressman in the homes of securing funding for the cause.

And of course, viewers can also expect to see Maci raising her three children alongside husband Taylor. Many fans are also interested to see what comes of her troubled relationships with Ryan, her ex-boyfriend and father of her oldest son.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra
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Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra have been on the show since its inception, and they have been through a series of ups and downs since placing their first daughter with an adoptive family. Now, the couple has two daughters at home.

In the coming season, viewers will see Catelynn and Tyler renew their vows in Hawaii. This comes in the wake of some marriage struggles. Many fans are also excited to see if the couple will announce another pregnancy in the near future.

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