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Malika Haqq

Malika Haqq And O.T. Genasis Reveal New Baby & It's Name!

Gettyimages | Lisa Maree Williams
By Jacob Highley

Fans of Malika have been in eager anticipation of Malika's first child being born ever since the announcement back in September. Speculation about what would happen after she broke up with OT Genasis created quite the stir online.

With recent news around their relationship now centered around her pregnancy. Everyone has been breathless with anticipation over whether she was having a boy or a girl.

Well, wait no longer because her newborn son "Ace" has just come into the world and he's adorable!

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Baby Ace Has Social Media Buzzing

mom holding baby's hand
Unsplash | Tembinkosi Sikupela

Oh my gosh he's so cute. Malika has been posting updates about her new baby and we're all eating it up!

Fans are dying for more pictures and maybe some video of her and Ace together. OT Genasis has also shared his excitement over the event.

Many were curious about how the child would be raised, but any speculation was quickly cleared away after the two shared their plans to raise Ace together. This had many wondering if they planned to get back together.

Malika & OT Going To Co-Parent

Unsplash | Cytonn Photography

Similar to how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are co-parenting their 6 children, Malika and OT have come forward saying that they plan to co-parent Ace and show love to him.

This was a happy update for followers online who were concerned over how Ace would grow up. I for one am glad they have worked this part out. It would be terrible to place such a big decision on the back burner.

Thankfully, we can expect many happy updates to come between Malika and OT. (And even more for adorable Ace!)

Khloe Kardashian Already In Love With Malika's Baby

woman hugging baby
Unsplash | Jonathan Borba

Khloe (Malika's best friend) has already been commenting about baby Ace and adores him. Friend and family have also been sharing their love and excitement with Malika.

Back when it was unknown exactly who the father was, everyone was guessing and trying to find out online. When Malika finally came forward a couple of months ago revealing that it was OT, fans were stunned.

After seeing them both have such a loving attitude toward Ace, even people who didn't like OT are happy for him.

More Baby Pictures Soon?

malika and OT
Gettyimages | Greg Doherty

If I know Malika, we are probably going to see a bunch of baby pictures on her Instagram. (And hopefully some videos!)

This is all very interesting to me. There was a lot of drama around OT and Malika after they basically called off their relationship, yet this new baby has drawn them back together in a healthy way.

I'm really happy for them. Especially Malika who decided to keep her baby. I'm really glad she did. Baby Ace is like a little cupcake and the internet loves him!

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