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Bachelor lead Peter Weber in a blue shirt

'The Bachelor': Peter Weber's Dating Life Is Still Messy

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By Sarah Veldman

The Bachelor only ended a week ago, and Peter Weber is already considered one of the worst leads the show has ever had. Viewers have accused him of being immature, indecisive, and attracted to only the most dramatic contestants on the show.

Not only that, but if none of that sent women running for the hills, then his mother's behavior is sure to keep him single for the rest of his life.

While two Hannah's and Madison all dodged that bullet, Peter's dating life is still in the news and it's as messy as ever.

The only people who have come to his defense are other terrible Bachelor leads like Nick Viall, who tweeted his support.

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Speculation About Producer Julie LaPlaca Has Been Put To Rest

Giphy | The Bachelor

Let's start with the rumors that circulated about Peter and The Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca. All kinds of theories started circulating when advertisements for the show started claiming it was the only season that would go unspoiled, but the craziest was that Peter was dating LaPlaca.

Of course, Chris Harrison and ABC executive Rob Mills stirred the pot when they wouldn't confirm or deny this, in a bid to get people talking even more.

Since the finale aired, we finally got our answer to the speculation. Chris Harrison claimed on Lights Out With David Spade, “We can categorically say that’s a big no. Julie is the producer. Nothing there."

Peter's Ex-Girlfriend Was Right About Him

Giphy | The Bachelor

On top of that, fans were also quick to point out after the finale that Peter's ex-girlfriend was right about him all along.

Calee Lutes, Peter's ex-girlfriend gave an interview to ET in July 2019 claiming he dumped her to go on the show.

She said, “He told me he loved me for the first time in October, and we talked almost every time we saw each other about how we were going to make it last long term.”

Apparently, Peter even interviewed for The Bachelorette while he was still dating Calee (he doesn't sound much better than Jed Wyatt.)

She continued, “He absolutely betrayed me. He interviewed for a reality dating show while simultaneously planning a future with me. I trusted him entirely, and he pulled the rug out from under me.”

Peter Dumped His Ex-Girlfriend To Go On 'The Bachelorette'

Giphy | The Bachelor

Peter broke up with her just before Christmas in 2018. She told ET, “I thought there was another girl, so I looked at his recent followers on Instagram, and noticed that a Bachelorette producer had recently followed him. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I knew there was something he wasn’t telling me. He immediately deleted EVERY trace of me on Instagram.”

Since the finale aired, and it was revealed Peter and Madison had broken up after just two days, fans were quick to comment on Calee's Instagram in support of her.

Fans Have Been Supporting Her On Instagram

Giphy | The Bachelor

Many were quick to claim everyone should have listened to Calee when she came out with her story, but nobody did.

Fans wrote on her Instagram, “You were right about Peter telling women what they want to hear."

Another user wrote, “Appreciate you telling us how much Peter actually sucks."

In the end, it would appear that Peter is definitely the one who lost, as he is still single. Hannah Ann Sluss has recently moved to Los Angeles, and Madison Prewett seems to be doing really well also.

Guess Peter was the one left out in the cold after all!

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