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Why Harry Styles Lost Out On Playing 'Elvis'

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By kenadijiba

No matter how much we love Harry Styles and his fashionable choices, would he have been the appropriate choice to play Elvis Presley. Does he give off Elvis level charisma? In all seriousness he doesn't. The life Elvis led can't be played around with, nor come off as a gimmick. Although Styles did display decent acting chops during his debut acting role in Dunkirk, that is not enough proof that he would have been able to conquer such a prolific icon’s story.

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Under Qualified

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole

Now, the argument could be made that Austin Butler is just as under qualified as Harry, but here's the inherent difference. Number one, Elvis Presely although a beloved character across the pond, was an American bred super star. Sure, a Brit definitely has the capability of taking on American attributes, and mannerisms, but with Elvis it's a special case. His southern proclivities and unique tone are what made him so popular, and Styles doesn't seem to fit that very important criteria.

Conflict Of Fanbases


Also, the fact that Styles himself is a celebrated musician on the surface might appear to be a fantastic link, and reason for him to have nabbed the coveted role. But, this mainly attracts more negatives than positives. With the type of devoted fanbase Styles has they wouldn't have been able to seperate Harry the sensation, from Harry the actor. This is why casting unknowns is the better path to be led on when producing such huge films, more specifically biographical ones.

The Affliction Of Being A Heartthrob

Gettyimages | LOIC VENANCE

Breaking down why Harry wouldn't have been a good choice doesn't necessarily cosign Butler as a great one. From the outside looking in Butler has built a career off of being a classically handsome man. He’s fallen time and again into the all too well established trap of being a heartthrob. Now, is that a bad thing? No, there are plenty of well respected actors like Johnny Depp who paid their dues playing insignificant roles that at the time felt dry, but paved the way for more profound experiences.

Production Halted

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian

What Austin one hundred percent does have going for him besides the obvious, is his level of anonymity. Does he have a fanbase? Sure, but not die hard. Which actually ends up benefiting him tremendously in the long run. After this film drops he is going to be solidified as either the guy who left a terrible mark on the legacy of Elvis Presely, or Hollywood's next big thing. We will all have to wait to see, which is bound to be a long time since production has been halted due to Tom Hanks contracting Coronavirus.

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