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Producer Ricky Reed and Other People Across the World Turn Coronavirus From Tragedy Into Triumph

Gettyimages | Michael Tran
By Shadress Denise

In the wake of state of emergencies, school and church closings, travel bans, event cancellations, jobs shifting to work from home, and social locations being shut down—people are banding together more than ever—to ensure life as we know it keeps moving forward.

As schools close, many educators have extended their services to assist parents in home schooling during this break. Educational entities have also extended free online courses for students of all levels to help them stay on track with their homework and learning.

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Several cable companies have offered free internet services to families, along with restaurants and schools banding together to ensure students who depend on school meals don’t go hungry.

As state of emergencies sweep across the nations, public places like bars, restaurants, and gyms—that hold 50 or more people have been banned from operating.

While the outbreak has forced businesses to temporary close, businesses and entrepreneurs have started to find creative ways to maintain and grow their business despite speaking and event cancellations.

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In Spain, a fitness instructor decided to utilize his resources to help Spaniards stay healthy both physically and mentally due to much of Spain being lockdown. To stop the spread of COVID-19, a strain of coronavirus, 47 million Spaniards were told to remain at home.

On Sunday, personal trainer Gonzalo climbed onto the rooftop of his apartment complex to lead his neighbors in a morning routine. People throughout the entire complex came out onto their balconies to participate in the residential workout.

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Now it seems some celebrities are joining in on helping other celebrities express their creatively while many of them are sequestered inside their homes.

According to Rolling Stone, producer Ricky Reed (Cuz I Love You) has sent a letter urging musicians, songwriters, producers, artists and executives to press pause on any settings, meetings, partying and shows that would force people to congregate.

Reed wrote, “When I moved to L.A., I had to bike and bus to all my sessions. This is the only business that rewards us for staying out late, partying, throwing caution to the wind. We have grown accustomed to endangering our bodies running down a dream. But it’s time to stop.”

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo

Reed’s “press pause” campaign follows the cancellation of concerts and appearances by artists due to the CORVID-19 virus rapidly spreading. In turn, the various public bans have given him the idea to utilize his social media platforms more creatively—and he encourages other artists to do the same.

In the letter, he also encourages the use of FaceTime and Skype for songwriting sessions between artists and songwriters. In addition to those forms of communication, Reed emphasizes utilizing social media options like Instagram Live, to get feedback from fans on new music.

Several artists, songwriters, producers and CEO’s of major labels have signed their names in support of the campaign.

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