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Some 'Counting On' Fans Think Jana Duggar Might Be a Snitch

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By A. Elise

Jana Duggar may be the oldest Duggar daughter, but she is also the oldest Duggar child to remain living at home. At 30 years old, Jana lives with parents Michelle and Jim Bob in addition to about a dozen of her siblings. While many people believe that Jana has stayed at home to protect her siblings, some fans are beginning to think that she may be the Duggar most likely to snitch on her siblings. Speculation by fans points to several instances in which Jana might not be trustworthy.

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Duggar family
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Everybody knows that the Duggars grew up in a strict environment, and most of the children spent their time in religious worship every day. While some Duggars, like Jill and Jinger, seem to now live by their own rules, Jana has lived under the reign of her parents the longest. Since the Duggar women have been "required" to live at home until they are married and Jim Bob apparently controls the family funds from Counting On, she is seemingly stuck abiding by their rules no matter what she wants.

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When you really look at the Duggar siblings, many have rebelled in some minor ways. Jinger Duggar publicly wears pants (a no-no for women in the Duggar's faith) and moved to Los Angeles. She also seems to have different views on dancing. Jill Duggar pierced her nose and married somebody who openly speaks against Jim Bob's control of family finances. Many fans have pointed out that Josiah wears brighter colors than some of the other Duggar guys, and several Duggars are speculated to use some form of birth control to avoiding leaving the number of children they have "up to God."

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Recently, fans and snarkers on Reddit have discussed feeling that Jana could be the first sibling to run to her mom and dad when somebody does something "out of line."

One user said, "Isn't she the one who was . . . in charge of the Internet password? Total snitch, no way would [Jim Bob] and Michelle hand over access . . . if they didn't completely trust her."

Another said, "I've been suspicious of her ever since I heard she stopped one of the toddler boys from dancing, a perfectly innocent child dancing." This user is referencing a clip from the show 19 Kids and Counting in which a child was dancing to a toy that played music. Jana explained that dancing is not something the family partakes in.

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Another sign that Jana could be the most strict Duggar sibling? In one Instagram post Jana made about going to the Tonitown Grape Festival, she actually edited two women in the background so that they appeared to be wearing longer skirts rather than the shorts they were actually wearing. Her followers were able to zoom in on the women in the background and see that Jana had edited the photo.

If Jana is willing to edit strangers in her photo to meet her own modesty requirements, could she also be snitching on her siblings to her parents? A lot of Duggar viewers believe so.

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