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Gigi Hadid looks smashingly gorge in this outfit with her on-point make-up

Gigi Hadid Recounts What It Felt Like To Live On The Farm And Learn A Useful Skill

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By Favour

Gigi Hadid has proved time and time again that she is not just a regular model, she is one of the unique ones. The popular model recently recalled what it felt like to live on a farm and learn how to make chairs.

It is not every day we get to see beauty and fashion models who had once taken interest in farm work and even learned a vocation. Therefore, we gotta hand it to Hadid, that is quite impressive and no doubt, her fans would be proud of her.

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A beautiful selfie of Gigi Hadid in her car, wearing a black net outfit and she looks amazing.
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Being famous has always gotten to most people in the industry. It is either they start acting out, or start being too complicated for their fans. However, Hadid is one of the amazing ones who found a way to cope with their fame and still remain sweet and humble. This does not mean that when you decide to drag someone she cares about online, she does not not air out her opinions. Naturally, Hadid is known as a sweet person on and offline and we live that about her.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik couple in gorgeous twin-sneakers and unique outfits for a night out.
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One of the reasons why Hadid was able to stay grounded and down to earth, was because she spent most of her lifetime on the farm and guess what? She makes her personal chairs. This may sound weird because you may be thinking; how does she get the time to put furniture together. Well, that is one of the perks of being rich; she can get what she wants and decide the time to do it.

Let’s find out how farm life has helped to shape Gigi Hadid.

A lovely photo of Gigi Hadid in all-round denim as she is escorted out of her car into an event.
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Recently, Harper’s Baazar issue for April 2020 had Hadid answering several questions from her popular friends. One of them asked her what growing on the farm taught her, and the model was ecstatic to respond.

She mentioned that farm life has helped simple pleasures stay in her life. She also went on to say that farm life has helped to make her happy, even in the slightest way. Some of these little things that make her happy includes; cooking, yoga, art, gardening and spending quality time with loved ones.

A breath-taking photo featuring Gigi Hadid on a pink carpet at an event, looking like a goddess in this shimmery outfit.
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Aside from being connected to the simple pleasures of life, Hadid also learned how to make chairs with her bare hands and when she does not get it, she learns from it.

“I like the try and fail and try again method. It keeps it fun and interesting for me and even through failures, you can learn so much.” Hadid said.

If Gigi Hadid does decide to take up farming and furniture in the future, that should not come as a surprise to anyone.

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