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Supermodel Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Being Away From The Spotlight Living On Her Farm In The Country

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Marisa Roman

Gigi Hadid enjoys the simple things in life, which perhaps isn’t something you’d expect from one of the most successful supermodels in the world. Yet, farm life for Hadid has been one of her most “simple pleasures” as Hadid answered some questions from her famous friends in the April 2020 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In the interview, Hadid’s close friend and supermodel Kendall Jenner asked about what Pennsylvania farm life has taught Hadid. To which the model responded, “The farm has really made me remember, and bring back to my life, my most simple pleasures.”

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The model opened up further in the interview about how spending time on the farm has allowed her to stay humble, despite the loads of fame she has acquired over the years. Hadid explained that living on the farm, “allowed me to fill my days off with the little things that make me happy, like art, gardening, yoga, cooking, being outside, and spending time with my loved ones and animals without having to worry about things like what I’m wearing or how my hair looks, or being photographed or seen that day. Being away from the city and the public eye makes me feel like a kid again, and that freedom has been really healing for me.”

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Through Hadid’s somewhat secret Instagram account, @gisposable, which has amassed around 250k followers, Hadid showcases the sneak peek aspects of her life with all photos taken by her. One of her recent photos in February showed Hadid’s on-again boyfriend Zayn Malik on her farm on Valentine’s Day. The photo was captioned, “HEY VALENTINE Z on the farm ♡ Dec 2019. " Hadid and Malik have been reported as back together as of earlier this year, after taking a publicized break in 2019.

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While on the farm, Hadid has picked up some interesting new hobbies, too. For instance, pal Blake Lively asked what inspired the model to make her own chairs by hand. Hadid replied, “When I’m spending time on the farm, I find it fun to try something new and see if I can pull it off. It’s liberating to just create without the end goal of it being necessary to finish. The chair idea came from that. I wanted to see if I could build a wood frame first and then pour resin into it and make a clear chair.”

Gettyimages | Jason Kempin

Needless to say, Hadid is not your typical supermodel. Despite finding fame and fortune being one of the most well-known and highest-paid models in the world, she still manages to stay humble and enjoy learning new things as she spends time on her farm. Hadid told Elle magazine in 2019 about the farm that “It’s where we can all come and feel like ourselves again. When I’m here, I just get in my truck and go to the store. Kids get excited at the market, but they don’t take their phones out. They want us to feel normal, and that’s very appreciated.”

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