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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton is More Popular Than Meghan Markle In Canada

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By Joe Allen

Meghan Markle is preparing for the next phase of her life in Canada, but she doesn't seem to have done enough to endear herself to the country's population. A new poll of Canadians found that Kate Middleton is still more popular than Markle, even though Markle now lives in the country.

The new poll, which was created by Research Co, asked respondents how they felt about certain members of the royal family. In that category, Markle's numbers fell from 2019.

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Meghan Markle at a lectern
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In the poll, Markle's popularity was at 56 percent, down four points from her score in 2019. Middleton, meanwhile, was at 64 percent, well above Markle. Markle is also lagging behind her husband, Prince Harry, who's score dipped in 2020 and is now even with Middleton's at 64.

Markle's move to leave the royal family certainly led to strong responses. There were many who felt the move was disrespectful, while others admired Harry and Meghan for trying to make themselves happier.

Kate Middleton
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In addition to outlining the popularity of various members of the royal family, the poll also highlighted the number of Canadians who believe that the monarchy is a good thing. “The proportion of Canadians who simply do not care when asked about the monarchy increased by nine points in a year,” one of the pollsters concluded.

The poll comes just days after Meghan and Harry finished their final official duty as members of the royal family and begin to embark on the more independent phase of their lives.

Prince Charles
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According to Express, the poll also found that more Canadians believe that Prince William should ascend to the throne than his father, Prince Charles. While Charles will obviously have to be king before his son gets a shot at the job, it's interesting to see the way Canadians favor the younger royal.

Of course, what Canada things about the line of succession isn't of the utmost importance, as Canadians are not ruled by the British crown. They don't need to have an opinion at all.

Harry and Meghan under an umbrella
Gettyimages | Samir Hussein

As for Harry and Meghan, some reporting has suggested that the couple is a bit concerned about what their lives outside the royal family might look like. Omid Scobie told Access Hollywood that there are going to be a number of adjustments for the couple moving forward, as they lost much of their staff as well as their titles.

Now, they'll have to behave more like normal Canadians, and they hope they can recede from the headlines a little bit as they adjust.

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