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Lisa Rinna in the street

Lisa Rinna Films Naked Bath Video To Explain 'Social Distancing' During Coronavirus

Gettyimages | OGUT/Star Max
By Rebecca Cukier

Lisa Rinna has started social distancing – and she isn't the only one. Coronavirus is now a pandemic, per the World Health Organization, positive celebrity cases kicked off with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and they now include three NBA players, plus "Bond" girl Olga Kurylenko. That's without the 3,000+ cases recorded in the U.S.

Lisa updated her Instagram with a little advice yesterday. The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star spoke from a deep-soaking tub as she bathed – and yes, much like all people bathing, the 56-year-old was in her birthday suit.

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If We're Over-Reacting, 'GREAT! I'll Take It'

Lisa Rinna in the bath
Lisa Rinna/Instagram

The video showed Lisa in selfie mode as she bathed. The star had applied a face mask, alongside some pink-heart filters.

"Ok, we need to stay home," she began.

"We need to social distance, we need to take this seriously, and listen, at the end of the day, if we look back and go: Oh my god! We over-reacted! GREAT. I'll take it," the star added.

Lisa then listed some suggestions for what to do while self-distancing, something that health experts are increasingly recommending, especially for the elderly.

Suggestions For What To Do

Lisa Rinna dancing in a bikini
Lisa Rinna/Instagram

Lisa's suggestions included something she was currently doing – wearing a face mask.

"Do masks, have dance parties, and play games, and talk to your family and do lots of...." the star then returned to "masks." Lisa also recommended using the time to get in the "best shape ever."

For this reality star, the downside of staying home could really be turned into a positive.

"So. Stay home," she repeated.

One piece of advice was important, though. To make "cute outfits," so you're not "in your sweats all day long."

"We gotta make this cute," Lisa added saying that sweats were fine as long as they were cute.

Miley Cyrus Begs Fans Not To Buy All The Soup

Miley Cyrus in the street
Gettyimages | Robert Kamau

Just this week, singer Miley Cyrus dished some advice for those panic buying. The 27-year-old took to Instagram to beg fans to think it through when shopping.

"Be thoughtful. Respectful. Compassionate. HUMAN. while preparing for social distancing.... NO ONE needs every soup in the store, The more we hoard the more expensive and sparse necessities will become, leaving many without essentials," she began, then suggesting that people be considerate when making their purchases," she wrote, adding:

"This is a great time to practice restraint... it’s incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while panicking , but think twice before following the fear and being inconsiderate. There is enough to go around if we take care of one another. This is a beautiful time to LEAD!"

Serena Williams Begins 6-Week Isolation

Serena Williams and daughter in a car
Serena Williams/Instagram

Already having announced her 6-week self-isolation is tennis superstar Serena Williams. The 38-year-old made the announcement recently as she vowed to cook, clean, and be a wife, although Serena did admit to her first day in isolation seeing her "useless."

The 23-time Grand Slam winner's announcement read:

"Spending the next 6 weeks in solitude. Being a wife. Being a mom. Cooking. Cleaning. Spring cleaning. Face mask. Makeup tutorials. I’ll let you know how it goes.... stay safe everyone. This is serious. 🙏🏿."

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