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The Best Netflix Series To Watch During Coronavirus Quarantine

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By kenadijiba

Okay, so the answer to all your prayers has arrived. Most of the population is feeling trapped and bored out of their minds. It's like this weird state of affairs where we all unitedly are choosing between the attitude of intense anxiety, and puzzlement.There is also that brave part of society that just doesn't care. Living life like there's no tomorrow and still traveling without maintaining an ounce of awareness. Honestly when it comes to a pandemic there really isn't a proper way to act.

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Calm And Collected

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In theory sure everyone wants to think they would be calm and collected during a crisis, but when for example someone on the bus starts coughing profusely right next to you, and a glob of saliva hits your cheek, all bets are off. It's akin to wandering through the African sahara. Actually, it appears as if we might be safer around potentially dangerous animals, then toughing it out in this damp, along with gloomy jungle. Day by day the odds of getting the virus seem higher.

The Facts

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That's why knowing the facts should be valued over anything else. Once again it can't be stressed enough, pay attention to government based websites like the C.D.C. As of right now news has broken that the death toll has risen extensively, but on the flip side in China it has lowered, so remember to put all the puzzle pieces into perspective. What should be understood is that things like this that are new and unexpected will always get worse before they become better.


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Now, if you're sitting on your nicely puffed couch in front of that shiny flat screen television, and Netflix is in full view you’ve got some tasteful suggestions hitting your atmosphere. Honestly, it feels like Netflix CEO’s were ready for a possible outbreak because the picks are incredible. A fantastic initial start for a satisfying binge is “On My Block”. A quick synopsis of this dynamic show revolves around the interesting lives of quick witted teenagers who live in a diverse community full of “dangerous” secrets.


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Another universal hit that shook fans these last few days is Spain’s “Elite”. This show is reminiscent of OG television classics that took the world by storm in the early 2000’s like “Gossip Girl”. With more twists and turns than a sweaty class at your local gym for zumba, “Elite” is a thriller you won't be able to stop watching. The last option up for streaming time would be the popping reality t.v. show where a group of strangers find love without actually having contact with them until they get engaged, called “Love Is Blind”.

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