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Farrah Abraham in the street

Farrah Abraham Has Instagram Embarrassed For Her In Coronavirus Video: 'Just Stop Already'

Gettyimages | Hollywood To You/Star Max
By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham's latest coronavirus video wasn't even an hour old before fans appeared embarrassed for her. The former "Teen Mom OG" star already had her Instagram followers raising eyebrows after she exaggerated a freakout and bought "like, 20 bottles of Lysol" in a grocery store video last week – COVID-19 might have seen the 28-year-old stock up on household essentials, but it's brought more.

Farrah updated her Instagram on Sunday. The Tik Tok video was upbeat and a little on the staged side, but it seemed out to deliver a positive message – namely, keeping hands clean as the fight against coronavirus continues.

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First Came The Grocery Clear-Out

Farrah Abraham in a grocery store
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Farrah's first corona-related video showed her in Target with 11-year-old daughter Sophia. Farrah had filled her cart with everything from disinfectant and plastic gloves to Advil.

Farrah's latest video took things away from the grocery store and into homes – while celebrities including Serena Williams and confirmed coronavirus-infected Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are self-isolating, experts are still recommending that people limit their socializing.

Farrah's video was about keeping clean, but it involved walking into someone else's home.

"Hey neighbour...elbows," text in it read as Farrah was seen entering her neighbour's home.

Sanitizer That's Washed Off... 'Why Tf?; Fans Confused

Farrah Abraham in the street with Sophia
Gettyimages | Team GT

The video had shown Farrah and Sophia elbow-bumping their neighbour as both mother and daughter entered the property. The three were then seen applying hand sanitizer, then washing their hands and making quite a display of having cleaned them.

"New handshake," Farrah had captioned the video, adding #safehands and #coronavirus.

While some positive responses were left, fans were quick to question multiple aspects of the video.

"Why would you put on sanitizer then wash your hands?" a user wrote, with others agreeing.

"You do realize if you are going to your friend's house and 1 of you are sick, you are going to get coronavirus regardless if you wash your hands 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ you are literally breathing on each other," another said.

Hand Sanitizing While Barefoot, Fans Question The Logic

Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

Farrah is definitely prone to trolling on social media, but this video appeared to see users questioning the star's logic.

"Washing and sanitizing your hands, while you're bare foot??!!😂🙄" one fan remarked.

"How about social distancing. Instead of lunch dates and hanging out with it's called staying home and keeping at least 3 feet away from people," a user suggested.

"You are mentally not all there. 🙄 That poor kid" was a harsher comment, with two further ones reading: "Just stop already," and "Oh god."

Animal Abuse Allegations & Those CPS Rumors

Farrah Abraham on a yacht
Farrah Abraham/Instagram

It's been a busy few months for Farrah on the hate front. Most recently, the star has been clapping back over suggestions that a video of her dog appearing with its mouth ribbon-tied shut was animal cruelty – Farrah slammed the suggestion, also saying that she'd been receiving death threats over the video.

This follows the star denying allegations that CPS was called on her and Sophia amid rumors that Farrah had abandoned Sophia by jetting off abroad and leaving the 11-year-old home alone. Once again, Farrah denied the allegations, confirming that Sophia is safe.

This weekend also saw Farrah photographed by the paparazzi outside a grocery store and wearing a face mask and rubber gloves as she stocked up on toilet paper.

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