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Miley Cyrus at the Met Gala

Miley Cyrus' Coronavirus Advice More Than 'Social F*cking Distancing' – Might Be The Best Around

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Miley Cyrus might have canceled her Australia Bushfire Relief concert on account of the novel coronavirus, but the 27-year-old is still reaching out to fans via the digital space – in fact, her weekend post regarding COVID-19 might well be some of the most reasonable advice you'll see.

Miley's Sunday Instagram update didn't dish out medical advice, although the "SHE IS COMING" singer has already taken to the platform to encourage hygeine with a hand-washing infographic. The blonde's message was addressing a byproduct of the virus that's now been deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Basically, stop freaking hoarding. Check out the message below.

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Hannah Montana Is 'Social F*cking Distancing', But There's A Message

Miley Cyrus in the street
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Miley shared several photos and videos of herself from her former "Hannah Montana" days – the singer appeared to have dug down to find corona-appropriate content, with scenes showing the 2006 TV series as Miley cleaned up her bathroom in a face mask. Also shared was a "social f*cking distancing" message – again, the star was seen in "Hannah Montana" throwbacks.

The latest video came with a message, though.

"Be thoughtful. Respectful. Compassionate. HUMAN. while preparing for social distancing.... NO ONE needs every soup in the store," the star began.

'Think Twice' Before Being Inconsiderate

Miley Cyrus takes a selfie
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Cyrus continued by addressing the mass panic buying that's seeing grocery stores stripped bare.

"The more we hoard the more expensive and sparse necessities will become, leaving many without essentials."

"This is a great time to practice restraint... it’s incredibly difficult to make smart decisions while panicking , but think twice before following the fear and being inconsiderate. There is enough to go around if we take care of one another. This is a beautiful time to LEAD!" Miley concluded.

The star's message comes as Walmart, Publix, and other stores announce "trimmed" opening hours as they battle both the crowds and the issue of restocking shelves.

Kaley Cuoco Panic Buys, Scott Disick Drops $129 Coronavirus Merch

Scott Disick in his merch
Scott Disick/Instagram

Headlines from the celebrity world are now near-solely revolving around COVID-19. Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, plus two NBA players have tested positive for the virus.

Earlier today, The Blast documented "Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco and husband Karl Cook getting into an argument in the middle of a grocery store aisle – Kaley was stocking up on almond milk and couldn't understand why her husband was so lax as he announced that the produce aisle was "totally" full.

Meanwhile, other celebs have been cashing in on the buzz. Scott Disick's Talentless line recently dropped "PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS" hoodies – the 36-year-old ex to Kourtney Kardashian's Coronavirus 2020 merch retails for $129.

Kendall Jenner Slammed For Suggesting Virus Is 'Mild'

Kendall Jenner in the street
Gettyimages | James Devaney

Over in the modeling and reality world, 24-year-old Kendall Jenner found herself in hot water recently – the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star shared an infographic pointing out how many coronavirus cases only result in "mild" symptoms. The star's social media share prompted fury from Italian model and social media infuencer Chiara Ferragni.

“For people who have such a huge voice, like Kendall Jenner, please don’t underestimate the problem. This is like a serious problem. It’s in my country and it’s going to be in so many different countries right now, so please say what is right and raise awareness," Chiara wrote.

Miley, meanwhile, has also been filmed cleaning her kitchen – the footage was shared by 23-year-old boyfriend Cody Simpson.

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