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Why It Took Two Years For Kaley Cuoco To Move In With Her Husband

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By Desmund Ullrich

While most of us know Kaley Cuoco as Penny from 'The Big Bang Theory' or Bridget from '8 Simple Rules', no one really knew the fame of her husband, Karl Cook, or how big he is in the equestrian world until the two were hitched in 2018. Apparently, in 2016 Karl won the blue ribbon in the SmartPak Grand Prix and the UltrOz Jumper, and he continues to build his reputation in that world.

In that same year, Karl and Kaley met, according to her interview on "The Talk". She shared a love for horses and was actively seeking a partner with similar interests.

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Karl and Kaley had a very public engagement. On Kaley’s 32nd birthday, they posted the video that Karl recorded directly after popping the question to the actress’ Instagram. Her caption read, “Still crying 💍 every part of this night has been perfection just like you @mrtankcook I love you forever!”

Karl's response was absolutely charming, "In life, there is nothing like dancing right after getting engaged. The purity and grace of the moment are inexplicable, it is truly as though life were a balloon bouncing on the smoothest zephyr."

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So why didn’t they live together? Kaley has moved from project to project while they were building their dream home and Mr. Cook, a man of chivalry, didn’t want to live in the house without her. “Everyone was so crazed that we didn’t live together, they couldn’t believe [it]. I didn’t understand it,” Cuoco told Access Hollywood.

With both their careers settling, even for the brief moment that it is, and their building complete; they can now begin to break in their fabulous home.

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Kaley is no stranger to IGTV and gives us some very intimate details with every post in her cleverly titled “A Cup of Cuoco” series. She began the series about four months ago and helped us follow along with the move in with hubby.

Beginning with a courageous flight from New York City to Los Angeles with her sister, Bri, Kaley made it to her new mansion in Hidden Hills. She finalized the move with a clip of Mr. Cook carrying her across the threshold and graced us with a full tour.

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Kaley is now settled in her most recent project, the new HBO Max show 'The Flight Attendant', which she optioned, executive produces, and stars in. Though the former ‘Big Bang Theory’ star is known for her comedy and sitcoms, ‘The Flight Attendant’ moves her into the realm of Drama and Thriller.

“I optioned the book three years ago and thought this could be a good show and some people agreed with me,” Cuoco revealed in a recent interview. While the show is still and pre-release fans are excited to see Kaley and her sister Briana on screen together again!

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