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One Direction's Niall Horan Reveals His First Impressions After Meeting Kim Kardashian West

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By Desmund Ullrich

All the members of One Direction seem to be having rather successful careers outside of the group and Niall Horan is no different. In 2017, he became the third of the five members to drop a solo album and his second album "Heartbreak Weather" was released earlier this week.

While the last album was mostly acoustic guitar and Americana melodies, this second album throws in some of the pop that the former boy-band member is known for. Though the album is upbeat, there are some sad times and tearjerkers, and Niall Horan is continuing to open up outside of the album as well.

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Recently, he also shared a story about meeting Kim Kardashian West and his funny situation with North West on “Carpool Karaoke” on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Out of all places, this happened backstage at an Ariana Grande concert, and she was accompanied by her daughter North.

According to the One Direction singer, Kim introduced him as 'This is Niall. He's the guy who sings from your toothbrush.' Funny enough, it played right into James Corden's bit about 1D merchandise.

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Throughout his antics with James Corden, he was able to conquer a fear of pigeons and then talk to a doll of his sixteen-year-old self prompted by Corden who asked him, “What would 26-year-old Niall say to 16-year-old Niall about the way his life’s turned out?” To this Niall responded with the tearjerker, “Your life is about to change, ridiculous amounts. You’re about to go from living in a small town of about 30K people to living in the biggest cities in the world and you’re going to play stadiums all over the planet...and are going to be one of the biggest boy bands of all time.”

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With all the heartache surrounding Niall, especially with the breaking up of One Direction and his personal breakup with girlfriend Hailee Steinfield, fans are convinced that "Heartbreak Weather" is about this rocky past.

Many Niall Nation members felt that his song "Black and White" channels his unexpected breakup with Hailee, complete with lyrics about forever love and wedding day fantasies. It would only seem right, as fans also believe Hailee’s song “Wrong Direction” is also about Horan, who she broke up with him suddenly after 11 months of dating.

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Then the last few years of One Direction were also a sudden mess, as fans and the remaining members silently recovered from heartbreak, after Zayn Malik decided to leave to pursue a life where he was not restricted by the persona he needed to uphold while in the group.

In the interview with Corben, Niall Horan also responded with positive affirmation to the question “Do you think One Direction will get back together?” While other members of the band have publicly stated that they wanted to reunite, there are no projects currently in production or no clue if the demand is high for them to return without Zayn.

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