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Kaley Cuoco in the street

Kaley Cuoco Filmed In Coronavirus Grocery Panic Over One Item As She Fights With Husband

Gettyimages | Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco waited less than 24 hours after moving into her $12 million Hidden Hills home to go grocery shopping – the 34-year-old actress made global headlines yesterday for finally moving in with billionaire heir husband Karl Cook after two years of marriage, but even a sprawling mansion won't fill its own pantry. Especially not with coronavirus panic buyers emptying out store shelves.

Kaley shared her weekend stock-up trip to her stories, although the grocery store-set footage saw her both panic over one item and get into an argument with her 2018-married husband.

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'This Guy Has Zero Concern'

Kaley Cuoco in a grocery store
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

The video showed Kaley and Karl in the middle of a grocery aisle and with a cart they were filling up. Shelves were already notably empty as COVID-19 panic buyers had likely beaten the couple to it. Kaley was looking her usual low-key self with her hair in a bun and wearing a black-and-gray sweater – this video wasn't about the clothes, though.

Speaking into the camera, Kaley said:

"I am at the grocery store trying to stock up and this guy has ZERO concern. I just said we have to stock up on almond milk and Karl..." Kaley then got cut off by Karl.

He Says Produce Section 'Totally Full', No Need To Worry

Karl Cook in a grocery store
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

The camera then swung over to Karl, seen pushing the cart and wearing a white sheepskin jacket with dark blue details. For Karl, there was no logic to the "Big Bang Theory" actress hoarding goods.

"No," Karl interrupted. "Cos' the produce section is totally full. So why the hell do we need to stock up on...", Karl then waved his hand towards the shelves of non-fresh goods.

Text accompanied Kaley's story.

"He's not worried at all shouldn't he be?" the star wrote.

"Nope," she added as Karl seemed epecially relaxed.

'I Just Don't Think You're Concerned Enough'

Kaley Cuoco in the street
Gettyimages | Gotham

Karl's super-chilled attitude just wasn't doing it for Kaley. The blonde appeared exasperated by the equestrian's laid-back approach, then speaking into the camera, saying:

"I don't think you're concerned enough."

The camera then took in more of the shelves surrounding the sitcom star – while a fair amount of items did appear to be in stock, there was a definite and very visible shortage of other ones.

Just yesterday, major retailers including Publix and Walmart announced that they would be altering their opening hours to handle the panic buying and need for restocks. Opening hours will be "trimmed."

Her New HBO Max Series Has Halted Filming, But Moved In With Karl

Kaley Cuoco poses in a jacket
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley recently announced that filming for her upcoming "The Flight Attendant" TV show has been put on hold for two weeks on account of the coronavirus. The star had been out in NYC to shoot to the HBO Max series, then flying back to L.A. this weekend for the time off and to move into the home that will mark her finally living with Karl.

Kaley did mark the big move on Instagram. Karl made "KarlFashioned" drinks, the two had a kiss, and Kaley was carried over the threshold as the two cozied up to their new life together.

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