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What Meghan Markle Said About Giving Up Acting to Become a Member of the Royal Family

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By Zachary Holt

In 2017, Meghan Markle announced to the world that she was engaged to Prince Harry and would be subsequently giving up her career in acting to become a member of the royal family. At the time, Markle felt like it was just the next step in life and the opportunity of a lifetime. Little did she know what scrutiny and drama that would come with the role, thanks in part to the ruthless British media. What did Markle say, though, about leaving behind her career in acting?

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Markle Believes Quitting Acting to Become Royal Family Member Is 'A New Chapter'

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"I just see it as a change… It’s a new chapter, right? Markle said during an interview at the time. "And also keep in mind I’ve been working on my show for seven years. So we were very, very fortunate to be able to have that sort of longevity on a series."

"And for me once we hit the 100 episode marker I thought, you know what, I have — I have ticked this box and I feel really proud of the work I have done there and now it’s time to, as you said work — work as a team with [Harry]," she shared.

Being Able to Have a Platform For Important Causes Made Leaving Acting Easier for Markle

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For Markle, she wasn't upset about her career in acting coming to an end. In fact, she was exciting for the oppotunity to work on causes that are dear to here and having the platform to help bring about change throughout the world.

"I think what’s been really exciting as we talk about the transition of this out of my career, but into the role, is that, as you said, the causes that have been very important to me I can focus even more energy on, because very early out of the gate I think you realize once you have access or a voice that people are going to listen to, with that comes a lot of responsibility which I take seriously," she continued.

Markle Is Attempting to Revive Her Acting Career Following 'Megxit'

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That was then, and now is now. With both Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to relinquish their roles as senior members of the royal family and move to North America, Markle is now left to figure out if she's going to go back into acting, something she thought was a closed chapter in her life.

Back in December, it was reported that Markle had completed a voiceover for a Disney film, essentially getting her foot back in the door for the entertainment industry. Markle has even been reaching out to friends and connections to get new agents and acting opportunities.

Royal Expert Believe's Markle's Return to Acting Is an 'Immense Embarrassment'

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With Markle's acting career seemingly taking back off, some royal experts believe it's a slap in the face that will continue to give the royal family a bad reputation. Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultant, believes Markle's re-entry into acting will be an 'immense embarrassment' for the queen and senior members.

"Meghan will pursue acting causing immense embarrassment for the Royal family and drive more public backlash," Schiffer told Express this past week. "Hollywood in the end will dump Meghan and chew her out the way she and Buckingham Palace ditched each other."

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