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Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber's Fave. Anti-Aging Treatment Costs $1,000 A Session

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Ivy Pope

Beauty treatments are wild, and expensive, and don't make sense to most people who couldn't afford these things on a daily basis. Hailey Bieber's anti-aging treatment is no different.

Bieber has been a frontwoman for many brands such as: Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. This means she's probably relatively well-known. It also means she's got to maintain her looks, since that's what she's being paid for.

When she interviewed with Marie Claire, Hailey Bieber shared her beauty routine, which sounds a tiny bit scary, let's be honest:

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“I align with healthy, clean, minimalistic beauty. There are some girls that are so good at makeup, like my friend Kylie [Jenner]. She’s very passionate about makeup and so good at it, which is why people really believe in her products—I would let her do my makeup for an event. I’m nowhere near as good as she is with makeup, which is why I love bareMinerals products—for its natural and effortless approach to beauty.”

When Bieber leaves the house, she says she rarely wears makeup and admitted this in the same interview with Marie Claire:

Hailey Bieber
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“Ninety percent of the time, if you see a paparazzi photo of me with sunglasses, it’s probably because I’m not wearing makeup and I’m just trying to chill. I don’t have the patience to get ready every day. So, contrary to popular belief, most of the time I’m not wearing makeup.”

She told Marie Claire that every few months she goes for PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatments at the dermatologist. While it looks and sounds scary, Bieber has mad reviews for it:

Hailey Bieber
Gettyimages | Marc Piasecki

“It gives me the most amazing, smooth glow. I’m going to continue to do this forever—it’s my preferred anti-aging method.”

Of course, Bieber doesn't ignore her body either, though she is more lax than some celebs about her diet:

“A cheat day for me, the first thing that I crave, I’ll eat. That’s my rule. So if I wake up and I want pancakes, I’m gonna eat pancakes. If I want a cheeseburger for lunch or for dinner, I’m gonna eat it. If I want fries, I’m gonna eat the fries.”

Hailey Bieber
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The "Vampire Facial" is called such due to the fact you literally have blood smeared across your face. Basically, they extract the plasma from your blood and then inject it with needles, into your face. It's supposed to be rich in platelets, factors that encourage healthy skin development and nutrients.

No one is really sure if the treatment really works but people seem to think it does, because they're paying money, like Hailey Bieber.

It seems to be an extremely popular practice within the dermatology field.

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