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Chelsea Houska poses for a photo

Chelsea Houska Dubbed 'Cheap' In Distressed Look: 'Rag Bin' Clothes

Chelsea Houska/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Chelsea Houska got given a mega hard time this weekend. The "Teen Mom 2" star is generally considered to be one of the MTV franchise's most fashion-forward faces – merch from the famous redhead also proves immensely popular, with 2020 already seeing Chelsea's cowl collab with clothing brand Lauribelles sell out the day it restocked.

Chelsea took to her Instagram stories on Saturday to share some new looks. The star's love of distressed fabrics proved a layered deal – for some, though, it was a little too much.

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Kicking Off With Distressed Leggings, No Layering

Chelsea Houska in selfie mode
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Chelsea's stories showed her modeling some cute merch from Lauribelles as she influenced for the brand she now has a partnership with. The mom of three posted in selfie mode as she showed off her slim frame in a black pair of distressed and ripped leggings – the announcement was that the cowls (so far including camel and window pane ones) would be extending its range for the red one Chelsea was wearing.

Then it all got very layered up as Chelsea continued with a distressed denim jacket addition.

'This Looks...Cheap', Fans Say She Tries 'Way Too Hard'

Chelsea Houska in selfie mode
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

The fashion display that some might argue was Chelsea channeling her signature edgy style quickly formed a Reddit thread – over 125 replies were left in five hours.

"I really don't understand the point in buying something at full price that looks like its been through a shredder," a popular comment read.

"I don’t get the distressed leggings...? Like what happens when you wash them? Wouldn’t the tears stretch ? I’m so confused by all this distressing," another said.

"This," a third comment read with a fourth telling the star she tries "way too hard."

Accused Of Just Wearing It For 'An Ad'

Chelsea Houska by a Christmas tree
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Amid what appeared to be some pretty critical responses, one fan dubbed the look as being a "bin" one.

"All that money, and she wears clothes from the rag bin at her local second hand shop," they wrote.

Elsewhere, though, fans queried whether the look was Chelsea's true style or whether she was simply wearing the gear to earn some cash and promote Lauribelles.

"Y’all realize this is for an ad right? I’d bet she never wears this stuff. Just for the ad," a user stated.

STOP BULLYING HER! Fans Point Out Not 'Abusing Kids Or Dogs'

Chelsea Houska poses with Cole DeBoer
Chelsea Houska/Instagram

Subtle mentions of the other "Teen Mom" cast's reputations were, however, made by a user jumping to Houska's defense.

“Stop bullying her!!! This sub is so mean! She’s had three kids and probably has body image issues. She probably isn’t showing her face because you horrible people bully her so much about her makeup!" they wrote, adding:

"That’s just because you’re all ugly and out of style, and will never know true love. I bet you’re all obese, and can’t eat the portion sizes she does if your life depended on it. She deserves to wear distressed clothes and be praised for it after all she went through with Adam!"

"At least she doesn’t have a criminal record, abuse her kids, or kill the family dog," the user also wrote.

Clearly, someone was shading David Eason's dog-killing here.

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