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Kailyn Lowry Might've Gotten Pregnant by Ex Chris Lopez While He Had a Girlfriend

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Brooklyn Denton

Kailyn Lowry delivered the surprise heard around the world when she revealed she was expecting her fourth child. The Teen Mom alum rose to fame and noteriety after starring in MTV's 16 & Pregnant reality series that followed her teen pregnancy with her oldest child, Isaac. When news of her current pregnancy first broke, there was a lot of mystery surrounding her the father was. But recently the author and mother-of-three confessed her fourth child's paternity is that of her ex and third child's father, Chris Lopez.

Due to the former couple having a baby on the way, some fans speculated what the true nature of their relationship is. Well, Lowry might've just confirmed what her and Lopez are and what they certainly are not. Following the Teen Mom Shaderoom Instagram account posting a compromising photo of Lopez with a woman who wasn't Lowry, the 27-year-old clapped back in the comments. The post included a Gossip Girl-like caption of, "Well Kail allegedly Chris [Lopez] is dating again."

Lowry did her due diligence by letting the world know in the gossip platform's comment that there's nothing she needs to be alerted or concerned about when it comes to Lopez and his dating endeavors. According to Lowry, there's no news to report because the woman in the photo has always been a fixture in Lopez's life, even while conceiving the baby they have on the way.

"They’ve been together this whole time," she said in her comment. "Nobody needs to pass this ‘tea’ along like I don’t know. I hope they can work it out this time!"

Wow, talk about a bomb being dropped. Her PSA prompted another line of questioning involving whether or not she knew her ex had a girlfriend when she laid down with him to conceive the child they have on a way. A fan asked her in response, "You mean to tell me you still laid down and conceived a whole baby with him but you knew he had a gf?"

Lowry's answer? A cool maybe. In her comment, she wrote, "who knows. He's always lying about her."

Whew chile, the ghetto. But one thing you can't knock Lowry for is her unabashed honesty. Lowry first broke news of her new pregnancy via Instagram in early February. As previously stated, she did not initially name a father in the announcement. Instead, her big reveal read, "We’re confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon! I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant [and] it’s been a rough few months this time around. I’ve had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy."

The adorable announcement included her posing with her little family of four, with her kids Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux. They stared at baby #4 in an ultrasound.

Shortly after the announcement, rumors swirled of Lopez not being the father of her fourth child and Lowry had to shut that down with the quickness. "It looks bad that I have 3 baby daddies. I get it," she commented. Lowry is referencing her relationships with exes Jonathan "Jo" Rivera, Javi Marroquin, and, of course, Lopez.

She continued, "But I don’t sleep around and anyone close to me f******g knows that. I don’t say s*** when outlets report FACTS. Things I cannot dispute. But this is low. Please, stop spreading blatant lies about me."

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