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Tom Hanks' Son, Colin's Damning Tweets About Donald Trump's Handling of the Coronavirus Outbreak This Week

Gettyimages | Jemal Countess
By Zachary Holt

Just this past week, actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, announced to social media that they had both tested positive for the coronavirus while they were in Australia. It was shocking news to people around the world and many became increasingly worried as the COVID-19 strain has taken thousands of lives, thus far.

The good news is that both Hanks and Wilson are doing well and being responsible by self-quarantining themselves during the infection. Despite this, Hank's son, Colin, has been bashing President Trump all week long about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic through his Twitter account, creating quite the stir.

Colin Hanks Criticizes the President For Spending Time with Actors Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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On March 11, Colin Hanks posted a grievance against the president, taking to his Twitter account. "While the #coronavirus out break was happening this is how the President chose to spend his time," he wrote in the tweet.

Hanks shared an article in the tweet from Business Insider documenting President Trump's meeting with the two lead actors of the play 'FBI Lovebirds' in the Oval Office. Hanks' problem was that the president meeting with thespians instead of addressing the pressing issue of the coronavirus.

Hanks Goes on the Offensive About President Trump's Misinformation Campaign

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The same day, Hanks went on the offensive again, but this time, coming after President Trump for claiming the media's coverage of the coronavirus was essentially initiating a 'misinformation' campaign. "So NOW Trump and the White House are concerned about the spread of misinformation," Hanks wrote on Twitter.

Again, Hanks shared an article. This article was from the Washinton Post, though, which wrote about the White House asking for help from the Silicon Valley. "White House asks Silicon Valley for help to combat coronavirus, track its spread and stop misinformation. Meeting today with FB, Google, IBM, Microsoft and major tech companies could set stage for more collaboration. I spoke with people in the room," the tweet said.

The President Going Golfing During Coronavirus Outbreak Triggers Hanks

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Just three days prior, Hanks attacked the president for going on a golf trip during pandemic which has been wreaking havoc on the country. "While the country, and the world, try to grapple with the Coronavirus Trump is Golfing again. Wonder how much it has cost the US taxpayer? #TrumpGolfCount --," he said.

Whether to make a joke or not, Hanks shared a link to a website titled, a website dedicated to exposing how much money the president has cost taxpayers from his golf outings. The website has the quote a quote from the president that was issued in 2016. "I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf," the quote said.

'And How Much Have All These Trips Cost the American Taxpayers? I Mean, Aside From Now Possibly Their Lives...'


On March 7, Hanks tweeted about President Trump going golfing again, stating, "And how much have all these trips cost the American taxpayers? I mean, aside from now possibly their lives...." In the tweet, he shared another from Jim Scuitto that reported on the president's plans.

"President Trump is heading to the Trump International Golf Club. According to CNN’s count this will be his 263rd day at a one of his golf club, and 355th day at a Trump property," the shared tweet by Hanks read.

It's obviously clear that someone certainly doesn't like the president going golfing or his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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