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Twitter Goes Wild After It's Discovered Barack Obama Follows This Porn Star

Gettyimages | Hannes Magerstaedt
By Gary Trock

Everybody is looking for ways to occupy their time, especially now that professional sports are cancelled and most people are holed up in their homes. Former President Barack Obama is no different than any other warm-blooded American and has apparently turned to one of society's greatest pastimes to keep himself preoccupied -- pornography!

It has just been discovered that among the thousands of people that #44 followers on Twitter, one of them is legendary porn star, Sara Jay. It's unclear how big of a fan Obama is, but the Internet cannot stop talking about the connection, and what Michelle Obama is going to say when she finds out.

Who Is Sara Jay?

@the_real_sara_jay / Instagram

42-year-old Sara Jay hails from Cincinatti, OH and is well known as a veteran in the adult entertainment industry. She got her start as an exotic dancer, but after taking a fall on the pole realized she would be better off in a different facet of the adult industry. Since moving to Las Vegas and turning pro, Jay has appeared in over 240 movies, including "School of Hard Knockers 3" and "Mommy Got Boobs."

In 2017 she was inducted into the AVN Awards Hall of Fame.

Obama Follows

@tyler_freshcorn / Twitter

Thanks to one observant Twitter user, it was discovered that one of Sara Jay's 1.1 million followers is none other than Barack Obama.

After the revelation was made, fans began going nuts.

"Obama follows Sara Jay, DONT COME AROUND HERE AND TELL ME SHE’S NOT A F----NG LEGEND," one loyal fan wrote on Twitter.

Another person thought the follow may have had to do with the desperate times we're all in due to the coronavirus:

"They cancelled the NBA and now they caught my dog Obama slipping because he started following Sara Jay out of boredom."

Does Michelle Know?


Following a porn star is not that big of a deal, and even though Barack Obama is a dedicated husband to his wife Michelle Obama, fans are still wondering what the former first lady is going to say when she finds out about who her husband is keeping tabs on.

"Barack my good brother, we love you. But I gotta ask, did you unfollow Sara Jay yet? Because if the black queen Michelle Obama finds out? It’s going to be beyond us, and we won’t be able to save you," one person advised Obama on Twitter.

However, others came to #44's defense, claiming that the follow back was probably automatically done by his social media team.

"Obama follows me on Twitter and I don’t think he’s ever looked at my profile. I followed him back in 2009 when I first started my twitter and he automatically followed back. I’m sure most of the people he followed were due to staffers expanding his social media reach."

Sure, that's why we follow Sara Jay, too.

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