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Lakewood Church

Coronavirus in Churches: Joel Osteen’s Public Sunday Service Cancelled

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By Alan Blake

Lakewood Church is one of the largest mega-churches in the U.S. It is located in Houston, Texas, and it’s known to draw many international visitors during their weekly services. The services are usually crowded with thousands of people in the congregation. Unfortunately, the church owner and famous pastor Joel Osteen, announced that the public church services is canceled.

The announcement followed a press release from Houston’s Mayor following the current health epidemic. COVID – 19, also referred to as the Corona Virus, has struck hard and affected everyone around the world, leaving people with minimal options on travel and attending crowded events.

Mayor Sylvester Turner Declares Public Health in Houston

Sylvester Turner
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Houston’s Mayor, Sylvester Turner, proclaimed in writing, a Local State of Disaster following growing cases of COVID-19 in the nation. This bold move was made on the 11th of March to help contain the virus. Following the signed proclamation, significant events that involved packed audiences were either canceled or postponed.

The Mayor requests the events to take place after March if all goes well. This move was brought about by a COVID-19 case in Montgomery. So far, the case involves only one individual who has allegedly not traveled into or out of the country since the epidemic began. This leaves residents of the county with nothing but hope for successful mitigation.

COVID – 19 Cases in the USA

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Nationwide, the Corona Virus has spread mainly due to travelers entering the nation from infected countries. States such as Washington, California, Florida, and Georgia, among others, have registered several deaths from the virus. So far, at least 41 people in the nation have been pronounced dead.

As of today, travel restrictions in the country will go into effect. This decision was long overdue, considering where most of the victims are. Hopefully, with that restriction in place, the country will be able to contain the virus.

Many Events Officially Paused Due to the Corona Virus Epidemic

Lakewood Church public service
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Besides the Lakewood Church public service cancellation, several other cancellations have been put in place. The Broadway League also published a press release that declares the abolition of all their shows. The administration sees fit that their staff and the public remain safe from contracting the virus.

Many schools have been closed, and even sports like the NBA postponed for the season. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland will also be closed for the rest of the month. Just like in Houston, many states and cities have banned gatherings altogether.

What Next For The Churches?

Joel Osteen
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As you can see, churches are not an exception, and they may have to find other methods of conducting their weekend services with their followers. Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church has organized for online services where their followers can watch and listen to, from the comfort of their homes.

To get the summons by Joel Osteen, you can check them out on Facebook, Apple TV, Roku, and YouTube. You can also follow the services on Joel Osteen’s website or Lakewood church’s official website.

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