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Kate Beckinsale takes a selfie

Kate Beckinsale In Bikini Bottoms Won't Cure Coronavirus – But It Doesn't Hurt

Kate Beckinsale/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kate Beckinsale's bikini body will generally cheer at least some people up. The 46-year-old actress put hers on display on Friday, although her Instagram post sharing her latest Women's Health Poland cover did come as a follow-up to a grocery stock-up share – COVID-19 seems to have prompted the "Underworld" actress to purchase Nutella, plus some "butter sculptures."

Kate's Friday photo also follows the global headlines she made for revealing her shocking 2001 interaction with now-jailed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The mood was much lighter today, though, as Kate showcased her jaw-dropping body.

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No Wonder She's Been Called Benjamin Button

Kate Beckinsale's magazine cover
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate's photo showed her fronting the magazine and looking a total knockout as she posed in a cropped and long-sleeved top in monochrome, then upping the ante in a teeny tiny pair of white bikini bottoms. The rock-hard abs and sculpted rear that have seen Kate dubbed Benjamin Button on account of her youthful appearance were definitely on show – likewise, the brunette's beautiful smile and she posed with her hair in a ponytail.

A caption included Kate's trademark, off-kilter humor.

"Funny old world when you just rock up in Poland with your bum out, wanking on about mini trampolines @womenshealthmag," she wrote.

Fans Are Spotting The Most Bizarre Details

Kate Beckinsale and Jonathan Voluck in swimwear
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Kate's Instagram followers were all over this one. Some, it appeared, with a particularly close eye.

"You block out just the right letters in women’s health to make it sound like an old English Bird is saying womb health," one fan wrote.

Fan interaction is nearly always a guarantee on Kate's Instagram.

"’m currently averaging two bags of salted caramel m and ms a day. Do you think it’s possible to continue like this and still find my way to having a similar physique to you in this image? I think it’s mostly about mind control and the m and ms will have no adverse effects - agreed?" a fan wrote – "Fully," Kate replied.

Her COVID-19 Stash

Kate Beckinsale shares her purchases
Kate Beckinsale/Instagram

Earlier today, Kate updated her account with a photo of her latest purchases – dark chocolate may be something that the actress likened to "cocaine" in her Women's Health Mag interview, but the cocoa was all there in a jar of nutella.

"It’s good to know that I don’t lose my head in the supermarket seeing people coming to blows over frozen peas. I just go right to the perfect selection of items to get through a crisis and also profile myself as a serial killer. Also the Bora Bora thing is an outright lie," Kate captioned the shot.

Harvey Weinstein Encounter – Defending Herself After Backlash

Kate Beckinsale and Harvey Weinstein
Gettyimages | Venturelli/VF1

A lengthy reveal of her 2001 "Serendipity" premiere encounter with convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein saw Kate open up on the sexually aggressive behavior she was subject to many years ago. Kate posted less than 24 hours after Harvey was sentenced to 23 years behind bars for rape and sexual assault charges.

Despite the support, Kate faced backlash amid a reveal that also included her stating she'd attended a playdate at Weinstein's home.

“He was my boss. He had not so far been abusive nor had I seen any evidence on the one movie I did with him. He couched it as a play date for our kids. I had no idea it wasn’t that or that I had done anything that could be perceived as wrong," Beckinsale replied when asked why she went.

“But one question. WHY HAVE YOU ALL BEEN SILENT ALL THIS TIME??? And as soon as he was sent to prison, you all started telling us the truth????” another asked, to which Kate simply replied:

“That’s not when it started.”

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