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R. Kelly Faces New Charges In New York

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By Shadress Denise

Things are not looking good for R&B singer R. Kelly. The I Believe I Can Fly artist has recently been hit with additional charges. An investigation into the disgraced singer began a year ago after Lifetime aired part one of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

The documentary featured previous victims of the singer, along with his ex-wife, Drea Kelly, family members of current women he was involved with, and former colleagues who were privy to a lot of the singer’s inappropriate behavior.

The two-part documentary aired shortly after several women within the music industry began the #MuteRKelly campaign to call out his predatory behavior.

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The call to bring the singer’s actions to light came amidst the #MeToo campaign, founded by Tawana Burke. The grassroots organization was created to help shed a light on sexual assault towards black girls and women, while also bringing them justice as well. Unlike their counterparts—who eventually became the face of #MeToo movement—black women were left in the dark. The #MuteRKelly campaign was the beginning to bringing them into the light.

Briefly after the first part of the documentary aired, the 53-year-old appeared on CBS This Morning with Gayle King to respond to the accusations that had been stated about him.

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It was during that interview the singer broke down while proclaiming his innocence. Kelly caught the eye of many people after the airing of the documentary and his interview—including state and federal officials.

Months after, Kelly was indicted on an array of felony charges that included racketeering, sex trafficking. However, this would not be the first time the Chicago native would see the inside of a court.

R. Kelly has been the focus of predatory behavior once before that included sex with minors and sexual assault.

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In the early 2000’s, Kelly was acquitted on charges that stemmed from a sex tape that was leaked that included him having sex with a 14-year-old. Many believed it was Kelly in the tape, but the singer later stated it wasn’t him, yet it was his brother, Carey Kelly.

News later surfaced after the second part of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary that Kelly tried to bribe his brother with money to say it was him on the tape versus The Pied Piper.

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Now that more tapes have been found, Kelly is facing additional charges in New York and Chicago. According to TMZ, Kelly's been hit with a new indictment related to 2 new alleged victims, one of whom was under 18 when she says she had sex with Kelly in 2015.

The indictment, out of the Eastern District of NY, includes charges of coercion and enticement, coercion of a minor and transportation of a minor across state lines.

The entertainer’s attorney, Doug Anton responded to the charges by saying his defense team is unclear as to why these charges are just now being added when they have been in contact with the latest victim over a year.

Anton said, “Why these alleged facts relating to conduct were not known by the government until now, or included in the indictment until now, raises questions for my defense team to take an interest in."

Kelly’s charges continue to pile up as he now has charges in Chicago and New York.

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